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Review - 4 Stars - Houston Five Brothers #1 by Melissa Bell

Book: Houston – Five Brothers #1
Author: Melissa Bell
Publication Date: 5/6/2014
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 4 Stars


New to me author.

We have Cameron who is a detective almost ..  She goes out to a club with her boyfriend and best friend but she ends up leaving alone after catching them in a compromising position.

While heading home she is run off the road and rescued by Houston. She wakes to find him by her bedside at the hospital and all she thinks at first is wow he is hot.
Houston however has a secret although he is a good guy and in the same field of work as Cameron he carries something from his past that could ruin things.

They are out to stop human traffickers who have taken 2 women hostage one of those women it seems may be someone Houston's brother needs in his life. But alas we have to wait til the next story to find out.

Cameron finds herself facing many changes. Is she strong enough to accept them all?
Houston is determined to be there for Cameron no matter what.

The book was fantastic as far as suspense, mystery and the romance levels were super hot. I do wish someone had proofread the book a bit better it was missing some words here and there. I would have also loved to have seen the main characters have a bit more built up to them or a bit more story line to them meeting and moving forward. Overall this was a very good paranormal book and I would recommend it to those who love strong heroines and super hot sexy alphas.

Gifted to me for my honest review   

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