New Release - Flame by Author Sammie J

***** NEW RELEASE *****
Flame by Author Sammie J 
Published 3/17/2015

Meet Jenna. She has a passion for photography that she shares with her boss, Scott, who is teaching her the tricks of the trade. Scott enjoys having Jenna under him, sharing that passion, in more ways than one. She keeps pushing Scott away, along with her feelings, telling him she wants to keep their relationship professional and just be friends. 

A dream job for Scott brings a chance of a lifetime for them both and they find themselves on tour with Two Bites. 
Enter Kobi Volley, the sexy lead singer, who Jenna has fantasized about and he immediately catches her eye in person. Whereas Shay, Two Bites PA, who Jenna could happily punch in the mouth, makes a play for Scott. 

Jealousy, denial and plain old stubbornness soon follows as Jenna’s emotions are caught in a battle, comparing the two men in her life against each other. Letting go isn’t easy. Moving forward is even harder. Jenna finds this out the hard way. 

Who should she choose? The rock star Kobi, or her boss, Scott? Which one will get burned by Flame? 

WARNING. Written in British English. This story is an Erotic Romance Novella (42400+ words) which contains graphic descriptions, sexual situations and strong language. 18+ advised.

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