Review - 5 Star - Alone by Marissa Farrar

Book: Alone – Serenity #1
Author: Marissa Farrar
Publication Date: 11/8/2009
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating:  5 Stars

New to me author.

I received an audible copy of this book and let me say it was not what I expected. It's a paranormal but dark story.
Serenity is in a very abusive marriage since the age of 18. Jackson her husband is horribly abusive. One evening after bad news at work Serenity is walking home and meets a gorgeous stranger. He makes her feel like she could have so much more.

One night he comes in to rape her and so much transpires. Something happens to Jackson but no one
knows what ? Serenity immediately calls 911 although she doesn't want to.

She wants out of this abusive nightmare marriage. But how?
She has never been alone. But this stranger Sebastian will teach her how.
Can Serenity accept who Sebastian is?

Wow what a fantastic story. We have a female who has only known years of abuse at the hands of the man who should love her as it’s her husband. To meet a stranger who shows her she is worth so much more. I need more of this story.

I was gifted an Audible copy of this book for my honest review.

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