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Review - 5 Stars - Alpha's on the Prowl Boxed Set

Book: Alphas On The Prowl
Author: Catherine Vale,Gina Kincade, Lashell Collins , Bethany Shaw , Tasha Black, Phoenix Johnson , Annie Nicholas , Jami Brumfield, Sarah Mäkelä , Amy Lee Burgess , Anna Lowe
Publication Date: 4/28/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating:  5 Stars

There are 11 stories in this bundle. I have read and am reviewing the following.

Catherine Vale- Wolf Fever
In this story we have neighbors who crave each other. One is human the other a wolf shifter.

Gina Kincade - A shot at love - M/M romance.
In this story we have a male shifter who is not sure about his romance with another male shifter. He needs time to think but when he thinks another is taking his place he makes his decision real fast. Very hot and steamy. A good read.

Jami Brumfield - Dragons Dream Dancer -
Absolutely loved this one as I am a huge fan of dragon shifter stories. Only this one gives us so much more. Many different paranormal beings. Dream walkers and Sirens and more. I really enjoyed this story. I enjoy paranormal books that give us a lot of various characters.

Amy Lee Burgess - Her's to protect.
In this story we have a young couple in school and although they are crazy about each other once its learned she is a wolf shifter he backs off. Only a few years down the line to be rescued by that wolf shifter and now he wants forever.

The Talented Mr. MacGreor by Tasha Black
This is a really cool story if you like Mysteries. Mac has is a teacher at the local school and he has been invited to a huge party. Well something special goes missing and they are in his pocket. Whose to blame? Really hot , sexy story here.

Exiled : A Lunar Falls Novella by Lashell Collins
This was a very sweet wholesome almost kind of story. A family is torn after 2 members betray the pack , the daughter goes off on her own and leaves her family and mother behind. While in another town working at a bar she runs into one of her brothers old friends who is also exiled. What they don't know is they are now family. I really enjoyed this story.

All of these stories have one thing in common. Hot Sexy Protective Alpha's. I have to say I enjoyed reading and will continue to read the others. A lot of these authors are new to me but I will continue to check out their works. Keep in mind these are very short stories but that does not take away from them at all.

I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review.

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