Review - 5 Stars - Burning Touch and Tropic of Trouble by Wynter Daniels @Wynterdaniels

Book: Burning Touch and Tropic of Trouble
Author: Wynter Daniels
Publication Date: 4/13/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

Burning Touch
Sizzling Hot , Intriguing and Suspenseful yes that sums up this wickedly great book by Wynter Daniels.

We have Devon Wise who lives in a very high styled community in Florida with her roommate. She has never wanted a long term relationship that is until she meets Ben.
But they both have painful baggage from past relationships.

Devon meets Ben while out with her friends and things take off from there. Oh and awkward? Ben lives right next door to her.

Devon is a massage specialist and all of a sudden clients start turning up murdered what is going on?

Well all I can say is get reading this very erotic and sexy book and find out for yourselves what happens to Devon and Ben.

Loved this one and would recommend it.

Tropic Of Trouble

In this story we have Kelsey Ackerman who is a used bookstore owner. Kelsey has a rare book which she believes to be worth millions and she is waiting to hear back from her contact with the information. The book was in a one of many book totes that a good friend of hers named Jenna and her brother Jason Jones brought in. In the mean time she has a bad feeling since the older woman she has closing up the bookstore for her has not phoned her. Kelsey makes her way down to the store and finds it dark and then her worst nightmare begins.

When the call comes in Jason hears it and is determined to save Kelsey no matter that she doesn't want a man.

Can Jason win Kelsey’s heart?
Can they escape this crazed killer?

Pick up your copy .. The book is fantastically written and has a ton of HOT , Steamy , Passion and loads of Action..

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