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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Review - 5 Stars - Hidden in Lies (Lies and Truth #1) by Rachael Duncan

Book: Hidden in Lies (Lies and Truth #1)
Author: Rachael Duncan
Publication Date: 2/5/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating:  5 Stars

New to me author.

Having been told from a young age that women should marry for money and stability well that is what Elizabeth's mom told her.

Well she lands the role of wife to a very well known and prestigious husband. Money is no issue and everything is stable. She now enjoys the high life.  There is only one major issue. It's all built on lies. She feels nothing for her husband Cal but she plays the role of doting wife. She has to deal with his mother who is evil incarnate. And now her husband is running for a much higher political office position and that thrusts Elizabeth into a world she may not be ready for. After a break in at the senators home aka Cal. He hires a full time bodyguard for Elizabeth.

His name is Alex and he is ex-military and he does all in his power to get her to open up. Shows her how life should be. They are becoming really good friends’ true friends. Something Elizabeth is not used to. She has never had this type of relationship with her husband. This man brings out so many emotions but it also helps her see just how bad her life truly is. But she is trapped due to someone she loves.

Everything she has ever wanted but was told not to go for is standing right in front of her but what will she do?

Can she keep up the ruse? Or will she finally open up to Alex?
What will become of Elizabeth and Alex?

I have to say it kept me reading and I did not want to put it down. As for Cal I would love to strangle the man for how harshly he treats Elizabeth and his mother Oh wow what I wouldn't do to that lady.
The characters really grab and pull you into the story.
I was gifted a copy of this book.

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