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Review - 5 Stars - Éveiller Drive Complete Boxed Set by Melanie James @autmelaniejames

Book: Éveiller Drive Complete Boxed Set
Author: Melanie James
Publication Date: 8/11/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


Book 1- Ava & Will

This is a really cute but sexy hot story it’s the first in a series of a few books that tell a story of neighbors who are good friends and each have their own set of issues in the bringing spice back to their marriages. The women all come up with a great plan so each book will tell each of the couples stories.
This book is about Ava and Will. Will loves his wife very much but after getting a promotion at work he is now working more hours and is never home. He misses his family and hates his job but doesn’t know what to do about it. Ava does what ever housewife does .She takes care of her family but also has a small jewelry business she runs and it has taken off pretty good. So after the weekly meeting with her girlfriends she decides to use some of her money to setup a weekend getaway for her and Will. One of her neighbors is keeping the kids and Ava sets things in motion.
This book to me is a great eye opener to many married couples who find themselves in this type of rut after having kids and working long hours.. MAKE TIME for the ones you love is basically what it is all about.
Well that’s all I am giving you on this story. I will say their weekend getaway could melt a many pages !! Very good story !! Pickup your copy and get reading..

Book 2 - Kara & Dave

Loved this story .

This is book 2 and its Kara and Dave’s turn to try to rekindle the passion in their marriage.
Kara’s friends help her and plan everything.
Kara has been through the ringer with her monster in-law Victoria. From the very first start of dating Dave and even years later after the birth of their twin girls her mother in-law is still a nightmare.
Kara has lost a big piece of her self esteem after having the twins and hasn’t had any passionate nights or days with her husband Dave. She feels guilty but is afraid of many things.
Dave misses the intimacy with his wife but is not sure how to approach the issue.
Well after much planning Kara has surprised Dave by announcing she has a sitter for the twins and they can spend some quality time together. Well Dave being superbly over joyed by this news sets up a weekend getaway his wife will never forget.
Can these 2 bring passion back to their marriage?
Can Dave help his wife over come her self esteem issues?
Grab your copy and find out..
This was a cute and sexy short story. I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait for the next one !!

Book 3 - Laura & Alan

This is Laura and Alan’s story. Laura is feeling really down and can not figure out why her husband Alan is not touching her anymore and decides to ask him in a Chat Box.
This story is just like the first 2 before it. Although I will say this one had a lot more comedy. I found myself laugh a few times while reading it .
Laura and Alan are also a bit older and have been married for 14 years.
And boy does it show in the bedroom. Alan is one freaking HOT dude..
This is a short but powerfully passionate book
Grab your copy today and read it !!

Book 4 - Jamie & Brad

This is book #4 in the Eviller Drive Series. This story focuses on a few ladies who live on the same street and are each others confidantes and sounding boards. They all get together for coffee and chat talk and good wholesome advice well sexual advice and talk. These women find strength in each other.
Jamie knows most of it does not apply to her as her husband is in another country.
Brad is stationed in Kabul and normally Jamie hears from him often via email or by phone but it had been days and she hasn't heard a thing.
Jamie talks to her mother in-law and lets her know her friends are coming to have coffee and she won't be alone.
Her neighbor is in on whatever is going on but Jamie has no clue. Her mother in-law calls the next day and asks if the kids can come stay the night.
Jamie gets the shock of her life when she returns home after a day getting manicures and such done.
Brad has many things to tell his wife and prays she stays with him after he tells her.
I really loved this story. It was much more in depth then some of the others and the hotness was just as awesome.
Great short erotic story in a fantastic series so pick up your copies today

Book 5 - Ashley & Jeff

This is the next couple’s story in this really HOT series of books. Yes they are short but gosh oh mighty they sizzle.
Ashley is having a hard time being stepmom to Jeff’s kids. So they are arguing often and loving less.
Ashley welcomes her girl time with her friends for their meeting which is being held at her place. She receives some fantastic advice. But now can she put any of it to the task of saving her marriage?
Jeff has taken things into his hands when he comes home from work to find his teenage daughter having a small party in the house. Ashley is not home and at this moment he is glad.
He finally sees now what Ashley must go through.
Can he set things right? Save his marriage and not intimidate his daughter at the same time?
Wow this was super freaking HOT one of the best yet in this series loved it !!

Book 6 - Valerie & Greg

And we have book 6 in this short but sexy series.
Valerie and Greg have 4 kids so life doesn't always give them a chance for together time or getting freaky time. Well they came up with a solution and that’s lunch time. But one day while
getting freaky they are interrupted by none other than Greg’s twin brother who needs a place to stay and today is that day.
Valerie misses what she had with her husband and although she doesn't want to push his brother out she really wishes he would get a job and find a place.
On the weekly girls get together they help her come up with a plan for sexy time.
She surprises her husband at work and oh boy does the elevator see some action. While having lunch with her husband she mentions that he should hire his brother.
Will life ever be the same again for these two?
I have read every book in this series and this one is by far the funniest and sexiest of them all. Truly enjoyed !

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