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Rock the viper
Author Sammie J

WARNING...Ends with a cliff hanger, Contains M/F/M and M/M loving. The story is told from three different POV's. Written in British English. Graphic descriptions, sexual situations and strong language. 18+ advised.

With one touch can three people entwine their lives? 

A night out for Peppa turns her world upside down and she finds herself in the middle of a growing attraction between two men. One being the man she has disliked for years and the other being a sexy drummer in an up and coming Rock Band called Viper. 

Noah’s the owner of Devil Records and loves his life, he can have any woman he wants, and then with one touch everything changes.
Juan is different, and so are his band-mates. He wanted fame and fortune but what he didn’t expect was to find two people that would come to mean more to him then he could imagine. 

With Peppa's ex-boyfriend, who can't let go, and a roommate that is out to cause nothing but trouble. Can the growing love between her, Noah and Juan bring them together or will secrets and lies rip everything apart?

The room exploded with screams, but my eyes are on the two people who mattered to me most: my woman and my man. As I watched Noah hold Peppa, and kiss her neck, my thoughts turned sexual. Images of me standing in front of her, watching Noah play with her tits flashed through my head. Then finally, the three of us becoming one when Noah and I take her together. I am so fucking hard, but I needed to get my head back into the music or the lion tamer will be on my back.

The crowd went fucking crazy when we finished and all I wanted to do is to get to Peppa. As I make my way to her, again the crowd immersed themselves on us and I have to fight my way through. One girl, even throws herself on me and sticks to me like a limpet, but my eyes never leave Peppa, her thoughts come to me as she takes in the scene. I hate this, I hate this, get off him you bitch, he's mine. I can't help but smile and I lift the limpet off me and carry on the journey to my woman.
I drop to my knees when I reach her. I don't know what comes over me but I need her to know no one else matters and I want to let all those around us watching know that I am taken. So I kiss her, I mean I really kiss her, and I am lost to Peppa.

Forever Viper
Author Sammie J

WARNING...This story continues where Rock the Viper finished. Contains M/F/M, M/M and M/F loving, including anal sex. The story is told from three different POV's. Written in British English. Graphic descriptions, sexual situations and strong language. 18+ advised.

Keeping secrets can destroy you. Telling lies burns your very soul. Is love enough? Or is forgiveness needed to set you free? Peppa, Juan and Noah’s love continues to be tested in the sequel to Rock the Viper. What happens when everything you love is getting ripped apart? Peppa’s world seems to slowly be crumbling around her. Noah’s disappearance has rocked her to the core. Juan’s support is keeping her sane, but even he is lost as he hides the truth. Noah’s father is determined to make Peppa’s life hell as he is sure his son’s disappearance falls directly at her feet. He even goes as far to move another man into Noah’s house but that backfires on him. A face Peppa thought she would never see again is back and put’s her life at risk. To top it all off, someone is trying to ruin Viper. When Juan’s secret is finally revealed, can Peppa learn to forgive before all is lost, including her Entwined? Will they lose their future together, or will forgiveness save them all?

I hear a lot of shouting around me. My head is buried deep into Noah’s chest so the words are all muffled. Juan’s name is uttered, and I can just about hear someone telling him to calm down. The pain that rages inside of me eases a bit, my breathing evens out so I’m not struggling for air. My heartbeat is still erratic, pumping away in fear and my head feels like it’s been bashed in with a hammer. My mind swirls with questions I don’t know if I want the answers to, because it means the ones I love have betrayed me.

A kiss is placed on the top of my head, a hand curls under my chin and my face is slowly lifted. My eyes are closed shut as tears still burst from them. I’m scared to open them in case Noah isn’t there, that this is all a nightmare and I’m going to wake up from it any minute now.

A soft kiss is placed to my lips and it’s his voice that whispers to me, “I’ve missed you so much. Please open your eyes Peppa, let me look into your soul so I know you feel the same way.”

A sob erupted from my mouth along with the words, “I’m scared too, what if this isn’t real?”

His hand strokes my face, then brushes my hair out of my eyes and his breath tickles my lips, “I’m real sweetheart. Let me show you I exist, that my lips are sincere when they touch yours. That my arms that hold you so dearly are genuine and will hold onto you for forever.”

His lips slant over mine and I sigh into his mouth, my body liquefies and his hold on me tightens. His tongue invades my mouth tasting me where he can. I can’t help the soft moan that erupts from me and is captured by him when our tongues entangle. He kisses me with a passion of long lost lovers and when his mouth moves to my neck, I moan again from knowing that he is indeed very real.

Author Sammie J

Goodreads :

With a night of happiness revolving around him, Saul looks back on his past and plots his future. Heartache and pain are mixed with joy and new found strength. Will the loss of his entwined and the struggle to accept love again be too much for him? Old mistrusts are finally put aside, and bonds are re-forged through the sharing of grief. An ice cream van and a beautifully re-mastered song cements a relationship. Peppa also has some revealing news for her entwines, but will they catch up to her after she makes a run for it.

This book is not a standalone. It is advised that you read Rock The Viper and Forever Viper first. Written in British English. This story is a Paranormal Erotic Romance Novella (25,000 + words) which contains graphic descriptions, sexual situations, and strong language. 18+ advised.

"I may offend a few people with my language, but I don't fucking care. I'm so ecstatic right now! No one can bring me down." He turns to Peppa who is sitting to his right. "In case I forgot to tell you, baby, you look absolutely, fucking beautiful tonight. From the moment I met you, you captivated me. Our love wasn't easy, but look at us today. I'm nothing without you. Thank you for making Noah and I the luckiest men in the world. My soul is forever yours." He bends down and whispers to her "I love you," before kissing her. When he stands again, he winks at the crowd, "I think my snake will be getting some action tonight."

The room fills with laughter as Juan then turns to Noah. "Noah, in case I forgot to tell you..." Another ring of laughter booms around the room. "No, seriously. My man. Who would have thought I would say that? Not only have I found love with Peppa, but I found it with you also. What I lack in morals you make up for and that's why we work as a threesome. You accept me for what I am, although you took your bloody time about it. I love you both so much, thank you for loving me back. My soul is forever yours."


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