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Review- 5 Stars - To Love a Mate: Somewhere, TX (VonBrandt Family, #2) by Krystal Shannan @KrystalShannan

Book: To Love a Mate: Somewhere, TX (VonBrandt Family, #2)
Author: Krystal Shannan
Publication Date: 7/14/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


This is Noah's book.  The Vonbrandt's carry a secret which must remain hidden from all outsiders. But one night after really not paying much attention Noah let's happen something that should not have happened. Now he is in a fight for a life to fix things. Emma is on the run from her crazy bodyguards. Her father who was never on the up and up has caused many issues for his family and now they all are paying the price. But can Emma finally free herself of them?

Noah's majick says he is to be with Emma but getting Emma to go along with it to save her from his family at least may be harder to do than anything he has ever done. But he will move all to save this woman.

Fantastic second book in this series I am really enjoying it, We get some action, suspense and wow the romance is spot on. Grab your copy today and get reading. I think they can be read as stand alones but I'd suggest starting with book one.

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