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Monday, October 5, 2015

Review - 5 Stars - Wicked After Dark Anthology

Book: Wicked After Dark: 20 Steamy Paranormal Tales of Dragons, Vampires, Werewolves, Shifters, Witches, Angels, Demons, Fey, and More
Author: Mina Carter ,Julia Mills, Stephanie Rowe, PM Briede, Jami Brumfield,
Claudy Conn, Eden Elsworth, Nicole Garcia, Lane Hart, Tracey Jane Jackson,
Melanie James, Gena D. Lutz, Michelle Mankin, Marie Mason, A.K. Michaels,
Angela Snyder, Candice Stauffer, Melissa Stevens, Izzy Szyn,C.A. Tibbitts
Publication Date: 10/6/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

Every single book is something a Paranormal Romance lover will enjoy. My reviews are for the following books.

Her Dragon To Slay by Julia Mills
REVIEW - 5 Stars
In this book we have Kyndel she is a strong woman made that way by her grandmother after the death of her parents. After losing her grandmother Kyndel never forgot her grandmothers words and has lived by them. While walking home from the gym through a park one evening Kyndel knows someone is hurt she doesn’t see anyone at first however. Then out of no where a gorgeous man with the bluest eyes she has ever seen lands on the ground. He is severely hurt and Kynel can’t walk away. Something is pulling her to this man causing her to throw all caution aside. She takes him back to her place and puts healing herbs on his back. The tattoo on his back is like calling to her.
The man wakes the next day and has now told her everything about him. Kyndel doesn’t know what to believe but her faith and inner self says she can trust this man.
Rayne is the leader of the Dragon Guard and he lets Kyndel know the person he fought was actually after her.
Many things transpire and someone who the Dragons thought was one of them well lets just say it’s a shocker. Read the book !!! This book is well written, and If you are a Dragon shifter lover like myself then you are going to love this book. Totally recommend it !!!!

Dark Love by Claudy Conn
REVIEW - 5 Stars
Chaz aka Chazma Donnelly has powers which to her are not normal. She has very vivid dark dreams . Her parents were supposedly killed by a serial killer in New York and it has consumed her to seek revenge for their deaths. Chaz gets offered a job to organize a library at a mansion in Ireland. It is Jethro McBain the owner that has offered the job and it is with Chaz’s grandmother that she accepts the position. Jethro McBain lives in Brionn Ireland and for Chaz this is perfect as she has figured out or at least she thinks this is where to begin her search for her parents death.
Will Chazma be able to control the darkness that is building inside her and threatening her powers to over flow. What about the Oh So Sexy Jethro McBain? They both have figured out each others powers . Now they must fight a very dark warlock. Can they come out of this unharmed? Can they keep fighting their attraction to each other or will it end up as more?
Grab your copy of the book and get reading !!
Tons of suspense and Oh so hot and heavy chemistry !!!

Conjuring Darkness by Melanie James
REVIEW - 5 Stars
Author Melanie James has ROCKED IT with her Paranormal Writing !!!
Lexi gets sent on a mission to find her older sister Kate
Ryan is a very good friend of Kates husband Kurt and he is pulled into this mission along with Lexi.
Sparks fly between Lexi and Ryan but not too fast and I really enjoyed that about the book.
Oh yea and the Owl on the cover OH YEA it plays a huge roll in this book.
This book had it all.
Mystery , Suspense , Action, and Oh yea the Passion ROCK!!!
And Friends well lets just say with friends like these I would rather have none

Chasing Magic by Gena D. Lutz
REVIEW - 5 Stars
In this book we have Anika a witch and her boyfriend Drake who is a warlock but a good one who fights the dark ones. We also have Tamara who at one time was Anika’s best friend but one day while Anika is making up a potion of sorts Tamara decides to throw something into the batch and it makes the potion evil. It escapes and all hell breaks loose. Its up to Anika and Drake to stop it but will they be able to do so before anything seriously bad happens?
The author has given in this book many different varieties of paranormal creatures
We meet Faing who is Anika’s pet dragon , we meet werewolves who no one really knew were even in town. We also meet an Imp and then we have a fairy.
The book was hilarious in some spots and pretty suspenseful in other areas. I enjoyed it !!!

The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire by A.K. Michaels
REVIEW - 5 Stars
In this book we have a young witch named Peri. She has been working for a bounty hunter in order to make only cash so that she had no paper trail to lead anyone to her. While out on a job one night she encounters Josef a Vampire and Gabe a werewolf who are best friends for over 100 years. Yea the ODD COUPLE I want to call them. Love it !!
Someone or something is after Peri and Josef and Gabe are determined to protect her no matter what. But when they find out who it is that hurt Peri they know the situation must be dealt with. Josef is a very powerful and rich vampire and he has called in some of the best to find out what the situation may be with Peri and what he first learns is nothing but less than SHOCKING.
Peri starts to learn about her powers and she also endures a very heartbreaking scene.
I can honestly say I enjoyed this book. It gave great detail about each character and helped me get to know them.
And wow they figure out they are all 3 mates .. And a mating is soon to come. .

Exquisite Breath of Darkness by Candice Stauffer
REVIEW - 5 Stars
Joseph Payne is a warrior and Mia Harte is a lycan although she doesnt know it. She seems to always find herself in danger.
Can Joseph save her from her many risks? Can he capture her heart?
Will she become his mate?
Eli Thomas seems to think she is his mate but in the end true love wins ..
Very passionate and sexy book !!!!

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