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Audible Review - 5 Stars - Blood Destiny: Blood Curse Series Book 1 by Tessa Dawn, Narrated By: Eric Dove @AuthorTessaDawn

Audible Book: Blood Destiny: Blood Curse Series Book 1
Author: Tessa Dawn
Narrated By: Eric Dove
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


Jocelyn works for Homeland Security and she knows there is evil in the world but when she runs head on into a sexy, seductive, dark and handsome vampire named Nathaniel all bets are off. She was out searching on a case of women being taken and used in a human trafficking ring. Nathaniel is entranced by Jocelyn and he sees something in her that he has never wanted in all his centuries. He has to figure out why Jocelyn thinks him a horrid creature this has him even more intrigued. He knows someone has scared her but who?

We get evil and good, a little darkness and a whole lot of sexy.
Will Jocelyn get any closer to finding out who is doing the trafficking? Or will she get caught up in Nathaniel’s world? Nathaniel knows she is his the one the moon and fates sent to him but how to get her on his side? Let alone in his bed.
Nathaniel and his brothers now must avenge their brothers’ death and protect Jocelyn.

I was gifted the audible of this book and let me say it was really good the narrator spoke plain, brought life to each character amazing. The story was strong and the characters drew you in. I hope to read more in this series.


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