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Author & Book Spotlight - Consort In Blood by Tara Devaney-Thompson

 ¸.*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.`Consort In Blood Synopsis:

The Vampire Queens blood is the only source of continued ‘life’ for her family so, it is imperative that she be protected. It has been Alexander Dantes mission to protect her through the centuries. It has also been his heart’s desire. You see, they have loved each other since the first time they met and will do so until the end. Many times over the decades other Royals have tried to usurp her place on the throne and many wars have been fought to prevent this occurring. To keep her safe Romy Devereaux has been placed in a form of stasis many times by the Witch, Veridane, for a hundred years at a time. Each time she has been awoken only when there had been no need to fear for her safety. But, after she is awoken this time one part-Royal thinks she should rule instead and begins another of the Blood Wars. Will Romy and her consort, Alexander survive to rule for the rest of eternity?  Will his love be enough to protect her?  Only time will tell.  *´¨)

 ¸.*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.`Consort In Blood Excerpt:

Chapter 1

She didn't need to touch him to know his skin would be warm. She merely had to look at him to tell because he exuded heat. His hair was black as coal and softly curled around under his ears just the way she liked. He was tall, over six feet and broad of shoulder with narrow hips. Even from across the foyer she could sense his strength. He was like a cat waiting patient and still. Once she had seen him all the others attending the theatre that night faded from her field of vision. Only he remained.
 His presence was compelling in a way she could not understand. She watched him intently for several minutes then, with her heart pounding, she walked towards him. He returned her stare with equal intensity. His eyes were blue like a winter sky surrounded with long, thick lashes through which he looked at her as though he knew everything about her. At that moment, she knew she would let him do whatever he wanted with her.
He reached out his well-manicured hand to her and, without a thought; she let him lead her to his theatre box. Once inside it was as though they were in a private, sheltered world where none could disturb them. Instead of leading her to the seats closest to the front of the box he pulled her to the shadows in the back. Well hidden from the view of other patrons, he leaned her against the wall.
He slowly lowered his face to hers and, holding her arms above her head, leaned in to her. His mouth traced her jaw and his tongue licked at her lips until she parted them and he slid his tongue deep into her mouth. His lips were soft as silk yet, firm and warm on hers. His tongue moved from her mouth and proceeded to trace a path down her neck. Nerve endings in her skin exploded like tiny electric shocks. She felt him nibble at her neck. She felt the heat begin to rise within her.
His hands slid down the length of her body, whilst his mouth played with her nipples, until it reached her pubic mound. He kneaded her with his palm through her dress. She moaned but he placed his hand firmly over her mouth and whispered,                       
With great difficulty, she stifled her urge to groan out loud, from the sheer pleasure, and became silent.
Suddenly, he pulled her close to him turning her body and spooning her with his own. His hand traced her hip as it made its way slowly down her leg to the hem of her dress. His fingers touched the bare flesh between her stocking tops and her panties and she felt what seemed like tiny electric shocks that made her skin tingle.
She so wanted to reach down and touch him in return but, using his bodyweight to its best advantage, he had her pinned securely with her arms pressed between herself and the wall. When she tried to slide her hand down to his he pressed her harder against the wall.
He lifted her dress and slid his hand around to her already throbbing clitoris. He stopped only long enough to tear off her flimsy lace panties, then, she almost came immediately his fingers began a slow, rhythmic circling of her moist vulvar lips. She almost moaned aloud again but, his other hand on her waist, he again shushed her into silence.
She could feel his hard cock against her ass and she could feel it throb gently as he massaged her clit to the point of almost no return. Then, as she was about to come he stopped. She was about to explode when he used his hand to help raise her slightly and, gently, and moved his muscular thigh between her legs parting them enough so that he could ease his throbbing member inside her.
She was so wet by this time that his pulsating shaft simply slid into her. He plunged deeply and she realised he was much bigger than she had expected and, it had been a long time since she had had a lover. At first she thought he was too big and that he would hurt her but, he knew seemed to know precisely how deep to push.
 He began to move inside her. The movements were so slight as to be imperceptible. She had never had sex in public before and was afraid that they would hear her almost audible moans. His movements remained small yet deep and they remained almost maddeningly so.
His hardness filled her and his fingers were still on her engorged clit. The rhythmic movements of his fingers and cock were as none she had ever felt...the heat rising in her was almost too much to bear. She knew that her eruption was close but each time she neared the tipping point he seemed to know and stopped all movement until her breathing slowed.
Then, when she felt sure she could not hold back her screams, he pushed deeper inside her than ever before and she could feel he was ready for his own release. He pinched her clit between his fingertips and she shuddered as she felt him empty into her.
Her own orgasm released a torrent of her juices like she had never known. It was almost agonising to not be able to scream her satisfaction to the world yet, at the same time; she had never felt so full, so used up and in such paroxysms of pleasure in her life.
She could feel his breath on her neck and knew he was feeling the same. He slowly and gently eased out of her and relaxed his grip on her.                          
Not a word had been spoken between them. And, not one person in the theatre had been aware of their lovemaking. Never before had she taken such a risk. A sexual encounter with an unknown man...what had she been thinking of? She had not thought that was the problem. Allowing herself to be overtaken by her own lust she had risked her life. She had never felt so free.

Chapter 2

She did not hear him leave. His name remained unknown. A stranger had made her feel like no man she had ever known. All that remained was the scent of him at once strange yet, familiar. A scent of musk tinged with something she could not quite define.  
She did not know if she would ever see him again but, she knew that she wanted to, needed to and had to, somehow. Dangerous this may be but, all her physical senses craved him already and she knew he would risk all to see him again. 
She had left the theatre in a satiated haze. Pulling herself together she had, at least, checked that her clothing gave no hint of her hidden sexual encounter. Her underwear was a torn and crushed remnant of their passion she intended to keep. She could not, however, be sure her face would not give outward evidence that something untoward had occurred within the private box. She could only hope.
Hailing a taxi outside on the street she directed the driver to her apartment address. The drive was long enough for her to go over in her mind all that had transpired that night. She still carried that smell of him in her nostrils....a smell that was intoxicating to her. And, the feel of him would remain imprinted on her brain for all time.
Just as she felt her body warm again at the thought of him inside her, the taxi pulled up in front of her building. It took a great effort to pull herself together and pay the driver. Stepping out onto the pavement, she gathered her wits about her and walked, as normally as possible, into the vestibule. The night doorman greeted her as she passed and, almost stuttering, she wished him a good night.  The elevator bore her up to her floor and she exited and walked to her door.
Her hands were still trembling as she turned the key in the lock. Without turning on the light, she made her way to her bedroom. Dropping her coat on a chair along with her bag, she headed for the bathroom. Crossing to the mirror, shedding her clothes along the way, she stood and looked at the reflection of her face. She should look different but, no, there was no evidence in her face that anything unusual had occurred this night. But, as she was about to turn away, she glimpsed a mark on her neck.
Leaning closer for a better view she saw two small marks at the spot where her neck joined her shoulder.  She remembered him nuzzling her there but she could not remember him biting her. And, why would he bite her neck? Maybe he was a vampire she thought. Then, laughing, she shrugged off that thought.
Her mind refused to think of anything like what it was suggesting to her. These beings did not exist. They were all myths and fables. Stories told to children to make them behave. No, I can't, I won't, believe this she told herself. But, try as she might, she could not deny that there were, what appeared to be, two small puncture marks on her neck.
Stepping back from the mirror she made her way to the shower.  She stood in the hot steaming flow for what seemed like hours, trying to wash away the sense of foreboding that had fallen upon her. But, as much as she might want to pretend that this was anything other than a flight of fancy...her neck still bore the marks of a bite.
She had the feeling that her life was to be changed irrevocably by what had transpired this night. In no way could she have foreseen what was to come from her night of passion with the stranger at the theatre.
She dried herself off and made her way to her bed. Maybe in the morning her mind would be different, clearer, and more sensible than right now. Hoping this would be the case she climbed beneath the sheet and pulled it to her chin. Sleep claimed her surprisingly quickly and, she drifted into dreams of this strange and yet compelling man.

 (¸.•´ (¸.`Author Spotlight (¸.•´ (¸.`
Tara Devaney -Thompson is the author of Consort In Blood.
Tara lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has two grown children, a daughter and a son, and the two most beautiful grand-daughters ever born.
She goes to the gym six days a week and loves to stay fit lifting really heavy weights.
She loves Books (derrrrr lol) movies, music, art (drawing portraits in HB pencil) and, well, anything new and exciting. Tara loves younger men, hates bigotry, racism, lies and deceit. She abhors the way woman are still counted as less than men in many areas and that men still perpetuate the myth of more muscle strength equals more worth.
Oh, and she is very opinionated and talks too much. LOL
Honest to the point of painful, as smart as a whip and very open about everything.
Tara loves to write and writes in many different genres so as not to be limited by labels.

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