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Blog Tour - DJ Series by Helen J. Barnes

♬❥♩ DJ Series Blog Tour ♬❥♩
Have you read the DJ Series? These are 3 hot DJ’s you do not want to miss!
This is my first read that has an extremely hot, swoon-worthy DJ and I loved it! ~ Chicks Looking for a Book Fix.
A truly awesome love story unlike anything I have previously read ~ Vamp Girl Book Reviews
The story keeps you wanting to know more. I found that I could not put it down. ~ LLEP Book Blog
It literally seemed impossible to put it down and I cannot stress enough how amazing the whole DJ series is! ~ Your Next Hot Read

The Final Note (Book 1)
Disrespectful Diva (Book 2)
Crazy Perfection (Book 3)

♫❥♪ The Final Note ♫❥♪
Dayton Scott loves three things in life. Mixing music. Producing music. The club scene. He embraces the DJ lifestyle, well, except for the meaningless sex and fast women.
Alannah Matthews hasn’t got time for men. She is on the verge of qualifying as a legal secretary and, frankly, she has had enough of men talking to her chest.
Their paths cross at a house party and they whip each other into a spin. They fall deep, hard and fast. But not everyone is happy. Enter, Regina Escarra. She runs Manchester’s hottest nightclub for her father, Dayton’s boss. She has wanted Dayton for a long time and has the contacts to make or break his career.
A once in a lifetime opportunity arises for Dayton and he wants Alannah by his side. But can she leave all she loves? Will Regina finally get her wish? Can Dayton make his mark on the music industry? It all comes down to - The Final Note.


♩♫❥ Disrespectful Diva ♩♫❥

Join Tara, better known as DJ DisDiva, and her best friend, Shazza, on a clubbing tour across the UK. Tara is living the champagne lifestyle as London’s hottest female DJ, producer and sound engineer. Her weeks are spent in the studio and her weekends spent clubbing it up, being paid for the pleasure. She is signed to one of the UK’s biggest record labels after the owner, Pops, takes pity on a down and out college student. One with a bad attitude, nothing but the clothes on her back and a head full of dreams of one day being the best DJ on the scene.
I think it’s safe to say, after a turbulent battle to the top, Tara deserves her time to shine. And shine she does, until her world gets thrown into a spin when Pops hires Dominic Clayton to manage the Xtreem radio station. He wastes no time in mixing things up and making his mark on the label.
Dominic’s reputation rivals even Tara’s and she knows there’s a good reason her best friend keeps warning her to avoid the sexy, yet arrogant, bastard. But how much can you avoid someone when you have to work with them? When they seem to show up everywhere you go. With a cocky smirk and devastatingly sexy green eyes, there is only so much temptation a girl can withstand before caving in and dancing with the devil. The only problem is, everyone knows, mixing business with pleasure is always a bad idea.


♬♩♫ Crazy Perfection ♬♩♫
As a vocal artist Shazza Duncan knows she owns the top spot in London’s EDM music industry, in every other aspect of her life she knows she is doomed to fail.
You would think some of her career success comes from her privileged upbringing and her very expensive private education, but you would be dead wrong. Her family have ridiculously high expectations and loathe Shazza’s career choices. Her only escape from their oppression is in the studio and clubs, feeding off the high energy of her DJ friends and clubbers. Her family and their constant disapproval leaves Shazza feeling unworthy and struggling to form relationships with anyone.
When DJ Adam Chapman signs a contract to work with Shaz he has no qualms about making it blatantly obvious he wants her and will stop at nothing to tame the crazy club lover and make her his own. But Shazza faces some of life’s hardest challenges and, as much as she wants him, she fears any relationship between them will suffer when the proverbial mic falls and everything goes to shit.

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Helen J. Barnes Bio
Helen J. Barnes has been writing since 2014 and kicked off the year with The Learning Curve, the first novel in the Inner Strength Series, followed up by A Rising Angel. She is also the Author of the DJ Series. The Final Note, Disrespectful Diva and Crazy Perfection was recently released October 2015.

Married to a DJ/Producer, she has three children and was born and raised in Nottinghamshire, UK.

When not writing Helen enjoys reading and home educating her children when they're not holidaying on the east coast of England. She has unhealthy addiction to Ian Somerhalder, Tom Hardy, chocolate, anything tie dyed and is obsessed with all things Titanic related.

Author Interview:
Q. What future releases do you have in the pipeline?
A. I’m currently working on a novella, Off the Record, DJ Series 1.5 which will be released Valentines day 2016.

Q. What inspired the DJ Series?
A. The trials of being married to a DJ and the drama that is very real in such a dirty industry, which is the polar opposite of the indie community, I’m pleased to say!
Q. Your covers are very unique and eye catching, who designed them?
A. My covers were designed by Clarise Tan at CT Cover Creations. She certainly did a fantastic job and I’m complimented on them often.

Q. Do you have to read the DJ Series in order?
A. All books in the DJ Series can be read as stand-alone novels, you don’t have to read them in order, with that said, I wouldn’t start with the third book, Crazy Perfection really should be saved for last if you can help it.

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