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Review - 4 Stars - The Truth Series by Elaine May

Book: The Truth Series
Author: Elaine May
Publication Date: 11/14/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 4 Stars


Lies And Truth (Truth #1)

Isla and Josh were raised together as children and it was always said they were fated to be together forever.

Isla had issues with nightmares after many things happened when she was a child and also the death of her father in a tragic way.

Isla's dad William and Adam Bryant were best friends and after the death of his parents The Bryant’s they raised him as one of their own sons but after the death Jackson Bryant everything began to change and there was a lot of arguing amongst the 3 boys on how the business should be run. John Bryant however had an issue and it was he who didn't help when the accident happened. Isla remembers it all in her nightmares.

Josh is the Bryant's youngest grandson and he was always caring for Isla they had a very special bond even as children.

Jack Bryant the son of John Bryant is the one who takes something away from Isla she can never get back.

Josh goes away after he thought Isla died in the car with her father. He is back only now to find out that she may not be dead? What is going on?
What will he do when he finds out what his uncle and cousin have been up to?

This story is one tragic event after another for a young girl who is now a grown woman but still caught up in the past and its horrid events.. And it leaves us with a cliffhanger.

Pain And Truth: Second book in The Truth Series

Joshua and Isla are facing even worse battles in this book.

Finally Isla has all that is needed to put a stop to the abuse she is enduring but before she can do anything about it she is beaten to a pulp and barely hanging on when Joshua finds her. While in the hospital they are given even more crushing news. Now the battle has become even more important to win.

Is Isla strong enough to do what is ahead of her?
Will Joshua still be there when it ends?

Can Joshua finally have his Uncle and cousin thrown in prison where they belong?
Will Isla and Joshua get their happily ever after?
There are no cliffhangers in this book.

I really like how the story picks up right where book 1 left us hanging.

I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review.

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