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Review - 5 Stars - Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection @CEBlackbooks

Book: Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection
Author: Anna Zaires , Dima Zales , C.E. Black , Charlie Daye , Izzy Szyn , Jenika Snow , Lili Saint Germain, Mina Carter  , R.E. Butler, Sharon Kay
Publication Date: 11/10/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

I was gifted a copy of this box set for my honest review. Often it's hard to rate a book with so many authors so I will do the best I can by rating it in whole. I am putting a written review for the following books although all were wonderful stories.

Close Liaisons by Anna Zaires & Dima Zales
New to me authors.
Mia is curious about the beings who are now residing in her state / country. She meets one while at the park one day named Korum. He is fascinated by her and Mia kind of thinks he is sexy. Well one thing leads to another and they end up in bed where Mia finds it's not exactly what she thought. Mia likes Korum but she isn't sure of what can become of them. She knows he cooks a mean meal. He is very open about talking to Mia concerning his kind. Mia hates him but she doesn't.
This wasn't a bad story although I would have preferred a bit more story prior to their bedroom scene. Also Mia is some what whiney. 

Shifted Undercover by C.E. Black
Nikki is keeping something from her new husband. But she is not the only one. Adam and Nikki haven't been married long but both are keeping something  from the other.
When Nikki finds out what her husband Adam is and whom he works for all crap hits the fan pretty much. Adam is determined to keep Nikki safe but she is a strong and determined female. Nolan wants neither of them to tell each other their secrets but it happens. Their boss now has no idea what to do when both are taken hostage.  I enjoyed this story as I loved the Alpha Division series by  this author. Very well written and tons of action and suspense and super hot romance.

Capturing Her Bear by Charlie Daye
New to me author.
Berend has been held captive by scientists who have been doing testing’s on him for months.
Aspen has now been captured and the scientists who captured her have made her into something / someone she doesn't know?
A nurse is told to extract a sample from Berend then what happens is shock to both Aspen and Berend.
Berend knows what the doctor is trying to do and he also knows its likely he succeeded with Apsen he just wishes his bear was happy about it.
Aspen is not shocked that he is a bear shifter only because her hand did the same kind of change. Aspen escapes but not with her bear. But can she save him? And will his bear claim her? Well no because he sends her off to find his friend Torben who very well may be Aspens mate. But can these two save Berend?
This was a really hot , and an emotionally intriguing story.

Bitten By Choice by Izzy Szyn
This story is about a girl named Becky who is taken and turned after her step brother takes her to meet his boss. One of her captures Ryan however decides to help her. She wants to go home she misses her boyfriend and her friend and family. But the evil vampire they are running from is going to be hunting them as he is Death. He is threatening her family so she has no choice but to get back to her family and protect them from Caleb. 
Not a bad story. It could use more proofing. 

Dragon's Chase by Mina Carter
I love dragon shifter books so I had to read this one. This was a new twist for me. It is nicely written and had a lot of action and romance unbound.

Zane by R.E. Butler
New to me author.
This was a really well written gorilla shifter book. I have never read one but this one was fantastic. Kudos to this author for giving us something different.

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