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Review - 5 Stars - All He Wants Box Set @katiereus

Book: All He Wants for Christmas
Author: Elisabeth Naughton , Alexandra Ivy , Cynthia Eden , Katie Reus , Laura Wright , Skye Jordan
Publication Date: 12/1/2015
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

Every single one of these stories are truly romantic and all bring the couples together in Holly, NC a magical place where true hearts desires can come true.

Melt For Me by Elisabeth Naughton
Ella lives in Holly, NC but she doesn't want to. She wants to sell her pub and move to the keys. One night in her pub, they were having Karaoke night and who else would show none other than Tate Kendrick. Ella didn't want to remember her time with Tate but he insists on trying. Tate was a huge rock star now and Ella wanted no parts of him. Can they find each other again? Fantastic love story.

Sweet Rapture by Alexandra Ivy
Meg moves to Holly to take over her grandmother’s home after she passes away. Her good friend is worried about her and conspiring with Dylan who loves Meg but made a huge mistake when they were last together come up with a way for Dylan to try to make amends. Dylan was / is a PI and he finally decides there are more important things in life. He heads to Holly and hopes to get the woman he can't forget. When he gets there all kinds of things are going wrong. Someone is trying to get Meg to move out of her home but whom? We get a bit of mystery in this one and a whole lot of passion. Loved it!!

The Spy Who Came For Christmas by Cynthia Eden
We are in Holly, NC and in sweet eats store owned by Jemma. In waltzes a tall, dark and handsome man right before she closes for the evening. Jemma learns his name is Grayson Cole but who the stranger is she has no idea. All Jemma knows is for the first time in a very long time she wants/ needs someone. Jemma has always been the good girl but maybe it's time to live a bit? Can Jemma let go of the past? The sheriff knows Grayson so Jemma feels like she can at least go out with the man. What is the mystery behind Cole and Brad? And just who is after Cole and now Jemma?  Another wonderful mystery and romance all wrapped in one story.

Merry Christmas Baby by Katie Reus
Nora owns the bookstore in Holly and she really hasn't let a man in to her life in a very long time. The one time she did was to Jackson who basically took her out once and that was it. It left her angry to say the least. Well now, he walks back into her store and expects her to just drop all for him. Nora and Jackson have been good friends and she allowed it to step across that line but not that far.  Jackson comes clean with Nora about why he vanished but can she forgive him? First, they need to figure out who is breaking into the bookstore.
Sweet, Romantic and such as Holly, NC dreams can come true.

Sinful In Snow by Laura Wright
Carol was on her way to buy a item for her Christmas town when she spots Gabriel. Gabriel is one of a few foster kids living in a horrible home and Carol’s heartbreaks for him. But he tells her to go away. Many years have passed and Gabriel is now back and he seems to have done good for himself there is just one thing missing from his life. Carol. This was a true rags to riches and love at first sight romance. Yet again Holly NC brings good things to those who most need it.

Home Advantage by Skye Jordan
Faith has taken over the shop her father owned and although she thinks, things are going good well maybe they are not? Meier Grant the towns star hockey player is back in town after a shoulder injury and he runs into Faith and thinks he wants more in life then what
he has. Hockey is not everything anymore and although his family life sucked, he wants family and he wants Faith but does she want him? A very cute romance story.

And it's not finished with that last story make sure you read to the very end and read all about every couple we have read about here in the epilogue. Fantastic truly a wonderful book.

I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review and I also purchased the box set .

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