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Review - 4 Stars - Talon (Rise of the Pride, Book 1) by Theresa Hissong

Book: Talon (Rise of the Pride, Book 1)
Author: Theresa Hissong
Publication Date: 2/29/2016
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 4 Stars


*May contain spoilers *

New to me author.

Talon is alpha to a pride of panthers that have now come out to the humans. Of all things, Talon expected to find his mate was not one of those things and she is none other than a human. Liberty owns the local bar and is one truly alpha female. Not much scares her until someone is after her but why?

Can Talon and his pack keep Liberty safe?

This was a good shifter book. Strong characters and interesting story plot. I found a few hiccups in the editing as there were missing words etc but nothing that takes from the story itself. If you like, cat shifters but add in other shifters kind of books then grab this one.

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