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Cover Reveal - The Diary Of A Pop Stars Wife by Sammie J. @AuthorSammieJ

`.¸•`.¸Cover Reveal¸.`•¸.`

The Diary Of A Pop Stars Wife
by Sammie J.

 Book Cover Design: http://www.bookcoverbydesign.co.uk/

Release Date: August 2016


What do you do when your famous husband lives in one country and you in another?
What do you do when you feel lonely and question your marriage?
You turn to your diary, of course.
Jami has suffered great loss in her life and now realises she is close to not only losing her sanity but her Pop Star husband too.
Through her diary entries, she tries to pin point where her marriage started to fail and will do anything to fix it. She will not lose Rafael.
As Jami explains her world in detail, she begins to piece together a story of romance, love, laughter and a hatred she never thought she was capable of.
Is one man to blame for all her troubles? Or does she need to look closer to home?
Join Jami on this heart-wrenching, funny at times, journey to save a love that saved her. 


August 16th
5:23 AM I am never drinking again.

I woke up with a mouth drier than Ghandi's flip flop, this diary covering my private parts, while I still held the pen in my hand from writing in here last night. My phone was beeping at me too. I checked it to find a short and sweet answerphone message from Rafael.
He said, 'I'm sorry I missed you mi amor. We will talk tomorrow. Dormir bien hermosa.'
His last words to me meant, 'Sleep well beautiful.'
I should send him a text back, right?
But first I need a shotgun to kill the fucking birds who are singing the morning chorus right now. SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Oh shit! I think I'm going to puke.

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