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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Author & Book Spotlight - Author Tommy Crown @tommycrown69

I Will Love You For A Thousand Years

Life's journey begins with a single step.... 

Most teens experience a summer romance. Some have what it takes to stay the course and maneuver around life's obstacles. Those teens are rare. Most simply sail on to their next love just over the horizon, in hopes of it not fading like the summer Sun. 

Meet Garrett and Ginger. As different as night and day. Yet they connect. Follow their journey from a shimmering lake to running with the bulls, then blissfully strolling through some of the most dangerous cities in the world. Along the way, they meet new challenges in their efforts to reach happily ever after land. 

There are, as one might expect, complications. Their journey takes years. 

In the end... was it all worth it?

Ultimate MILF

Jane and Dexter Flynn were an ordinary couple living on the fringes of Hollywood. Jane longed to be more. She convinced her hapless husband to take her out on the town so she could rub elbows with the rich and famous. She certainly got more than she bargained for. It was during their dinner at Hollywood's fashionable Brown Derby she fell under the spell of Sergio and Electra Nike, one of the wealthiest and most powerful couples on earth. From there, Jane meets Alexander Nike, the power couples teen age son, and the story escalates causing a total transformation from plain Jane to the ultimate MILF. It was lust, love, and adventure as the couple travels the world seeking new thrills and adventures. There journey hits a snag in Rome just when things were heating up and Jane finds herself alone and desperate. Will the Nike family rescue her? Will her young lover abandon her? This is both a love story and cautionary tale. Remember, everything that glitters is not gold. 


Alexis Cole was born in the Tennessee hills as a result of her waitress mother's fooling around with truckers during her dinner breaks. A victim of her trailer park environment and with no real guidance from her mother, young Alexis follows in her mother's footsteps. But, she had no interest in truckers. Her sights were higher. She went after older men with money and that was her ticket out of the Tennessee hills to Beverly Hills. After a string of failed marriages and countless meaningless affairs and one night stands, she reevaluates her life and begins her quest to find Mr. Right. She finds that journey frightening when she is almost gang raped, but saved at the last second by a mysterious biker named Zeke. It was a combination of lust and love at first sight for her, but men like Zeke aren't so easy to tame. He was ruggedly handsome with long hair, big arms, and heavily tattooed. Women swooned over him like a rockstar. It was during a visit to his grandmothers high upon a mountain that Alexis finally knew he was Mr. Right. Unfortunately, he didn't see it that way and the couple go their separate ways. She travels to Las Vegas to find her missing father who was now working as an Elvis impersonator, she learns of a late night radio program that sets the stage for a powerful and tearful conclusion. 


Searching For Barbie

Barbie was a good girl. A dead ringer for the famous doll of the same name. Everyone that knew her said she was the 'nicest, sweetest, most caring' girl they knew. But, did they know her secrets? Not even her closest friends knew how much she hated her minister father, or how pathetic she thought her mother was for allowing him to beat her into submission night after night. Barbie wanted to disappear and never look back. But, how? Could she vanish without a trace? She knew her father would stop at nothing to get her back. Perhaps, he had secrets, too. Barbie needed more than a plan. She needed a miracle. Will she find one and if so, at what price? 

My Eyes Adore You

A young girl known to be a dreamer, meets a young boys reflection in the murky waters of Blue Bayou. Was it chance that brought them together or something more powerful? Meet Bo and Carrie. She's the sweet innocent one while he's anything but. Someone's going to have to change to make things work. But, who will it be? The pharmacists daughter or the kid from reform school?

Midnight In Eden

A sometimes humorous, often irreverent, but always captivating romp through the centuries as Eve chases Cain around planet earth to destroy him before he destroys us all. Can she do it at 6,000 years old? Can he? Or will divine intervention be needed?

 Nine Bedtime Stories

Book #1, Tomorrowland

Do you believe in miracles or a life after this one? Meet little Pearl, an orphan and gentle Ben her rescuer. Both homeless with no family, they quickly bond and decide it was their destiny to ride out the snow storm inside a little diner. Here they meet waitress Alice, who instantly sees their situation as desperate and treats them to breakfast. With their tummies full and their minds full of questions, up pops Joey. Joey is smartly dressed and seems to be much wiser than his years. He claims to be from Tomorrowland. A place he describes as ‘someplace nice’ where there were no orphans or homeless. No one ever gets sick or grows old. It sounded too good to be true, but Ben and Pearl had nothing to lose…except each other. Would they stay together and live on the streets or take a chance on a better life in Tomorrowland? 

Book #2, The Locket

Young Princess Annabelle was traveling in her white carriage pulled by four proud white horses. She glanced out and spotted a lone figure under a tree down by a stream. A curious child by nature, she commanded the driver to stop so she could run down and investigate. Once there, she discovers a young boy. His name was Nicholas. He was very different than other young boys the Princess had met, but different in a good way. He was calm and quiet and had an easy way about him as he whittled on a tree branch. Being a Princess, strangers frightened her, but there was something about Nicholas that made her feel at ease. After chatting for a few minutes, she discovers Nicholas was very gifted and had some incredible powers. Powers he tried to convince her she had as well. She doubted and giggled at first, but soon realized anything's possible...if you believe. 

Book #3, The Incredible Mr. Dann

A feel good book of love, loss, strength, hope and Thanksgiving.

About the author

Tommy Crown is a graduate of UNLV where he earned a degree in Marketing. 

He achieved international recognition in 2009 for his debut novel, "A Night At The Oscars", a scorching account of the lives of paid male escorts during Hollywood's golden years. Written in first person, Crown denies the story has any truth to it...but grins.

In 2010, he began ghostwriting from the female POV for Hustler, and Bitch magazines. A feat not easily accomplished by many male authors of erotica.

A self described loner and fiercely independent story teller, he quite naturally self published his first e-book "I Will Love You For A Thousand Years" in 2014. To date he has added 8 more.

His latest release, "Midnight in Eden" is a classical story of good vs evil as Eve chases Cain through the ages to destroy him before he destroys all mankind. Crown delivers the action as only he can. And even though there are some grizzly scenes of evil, he manages to lead us to Eden with smiles on our faces.

Tommy refuses to write cookie cutter stories and moves from genre to genre with ease. An example are his children's short stories, 'The Locket' and 'Tomorrowland', written for his own daughters and available on Amazon next to his other works. His latest children's book, 'The Incredible Mr. Dann' was just released in time for Thanksgiving and should be fun to share with your children.

While he mainly writes raw and gritty erotica, some describe his work like, 'watching an old B&W movie' narrated by Humphrey Bogart.

Describing Anna DuPont from "After Dark in Casablanca", Crown repeatedly refers to her as 'the dame with over glossed lips' that smoked unfiltered cigarettes so seductively, everyone stared.

Tommy believes in creating strong, believable characters in all his works and insists the characters shouldn't just be part of a good story...they are the story.

His free stories are found at

His collective number of free reads would fill Yankee Stadium an astonishing 50 times.

You can find his work here under contemporary romance/erotica.

Tommy remains single and insists he is living the life in the greatest city in the world. What happens there, stays there. 

Tommy’s Website:

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