Review - 5 Stars - Once Upon a Midnight #midnightreads

Book: Once Upon a Midnight
Author: Stephanie Rowe, Dakota Cassidy, Melanie James, Renee George,
Toni Aleo , Claudy Conn, Tracey Jane Jackson , Kelly Cozzone, Julia Mills , A.D. Justice, Diane Rinella, Gena D. Lutz,A. K. Michaels, Aubree Lane, Jami Brumfield, PM Briede,Wynter Daniels, Amanda Washington, Michele E. Gwynn, Nicole Garcia
Publication Date: 10/11/2016
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars


I am reviewing the following stories in this box set. I have previously read/revied them.

Melanie James - Fur Ever Yours
Rafe is the Alpha of Black Paw, one night while out on patrol him, and a few of his pack find a wolf in horrible condition with a silver collar on. Rafe is not sure at first what is going on but his wolf knows.
Mina was raised in a pack where no one is treated fairly she is not sure now what she got herself in to but it has to be better than the treatment at Twisted Tail.
Once the collar is off Mina, everything changes for herself and Rafe.
Now they are in for the fight of their lives against Griffin the pack leader of Twisted Tail.
Can Rafe protect Mina and rescue her family and others?
How will Mina feel about being an Alpha' Mate?
I cannot wait to find out who gets a story next in the series I hope its Erin and Lucas.
Very well written, strong characters, and strong story line.

Claudy Conn - Aaibhe-Shee Queen
I can honestly say I have never really gotten into the fae/druid type books but boy was I wrong.
This book has changed that for me. Its an awesome short read about the Seelie Queen and her love of a human. This book is Romantic and Passionate !!!! Awesome !!

Julia Mills - The Fate of Her Dragon
This is book 10 in the Dragon Guard Series and I have to say I wanted this book so much just on the cover alone. Each guard who has found their mate seems to have a deep battle with those setout to hurt them but Drago and Alicia's story ripped at my emotions.
Drago has been kept a prisoner for almost 100 years. He is a MacLendon a Dragon an Assassin he was the Commander. His mate Alicia hears him but she has no idea who he is or what he wants but she can hear him. Now to find him? Alicia is skeptical when Drago lets her know who has him. Drago is in luck because Alicia does know the Dragon Guard but she is still weary because Rayne said he had no family living. Well she goes on asking him one million questions but she needs to know in her heart of hearts this man is telling the truth. Drago is family but whose? You will have to just read the story yourself as I have given you enough already.

Gena D. Lutz -- Created Darkly, a Kris Chase novel
This book will knock your socks off if you like Necromancers, Ghosts, Phantoms, Vampires and all those other worldly creatures. We have Kristina Chase who is a very strong necromancer. She has been pressured by the council to join them namely by Rush who has had the hots for Kris for a long time. She refuses and keeps on refusing. Then things go wrong. Her sister Torrane has been taken and now she must do some very drastic things and keep company with some of the ones she detests. Can Rush save her from herself? How will Rafe play into all this? And what about Jude?
Can they save Kristina’s Sister?
I really enjoyed this book because of all the beings that have a part in the book. Its filled with Action and some really hot sizzling passion.

A.K. Michaels -- The Black Rose Chronicles, Deceit and Lies
Rose is born in a time where supers are free to walk the earth but more than that, they are free to destroy it all as well. Rose's mother is a witch and her father a werewolf and someone is out to destroy all witches. Rose’s mother knows they are coming and she hurries off to the hiding place although her mother does not stay with her. Rose is soon taken to a friend of her father’s home his name is Seth and he is a witch. He trains Rose, and comes to love Rose although he knows she is not his mate. Rose is a powerful Assassin and is hired by the council to take out those who are killing and doing other horrible things. She does not kill however until she knows it’s a warranted need.
The new head of the council is a powerful demon and after taking on the job Rose finds she can not follow through with it. Cassius the vampire she is sent to kill does not seem to be as he is portrayed.
Can Seth, Cassius and Roses father keep her safe?
What will the head of the council do to her?
Well grab you a copy of this book that is filled with paranormal beings and get reading. I do believe I have a new favorite book by this author.

Aubree Lane -- Catamount Ridge
A Family finally moves into the house that took a beating on a marriage only to have one nightmare after another happen. A child lost and now one has to come to grips with wierd things happening. What does a woman do when she meets Fire and Ice?

Wynter Daniels -- Spirited Seduction

I loved this book it is so sensual yet we get that hint of paranormal also but nothing fierce.
Ryan' sister was murdered and now she is trying to contact him but urges him to go to her best friend Emily who is a physic. Well Ryan has never believed in that stuff but seeing Emily again is always a great thing. Emily has always had a huge crush on Ryan but he or at least she feels like he never showed an interest and now that he is around her those feelings stir.
Well when you add two people who are attracted to each other together, have them try to solve the murder of someone they both love the only thing that can happen is True Love.

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