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Author Interview with Kendra Elliot

20 Questions
(Author Interview)
Brought to you by
Debby P.

1.Tell us about your current project.
I'm currently finishing up the second book, A MERCIFUL TRUTH, in my Mercy Kilpatrick series. 

2. What sparked the idea for this project?
I came up with the idea for Mercy Kilpatrick while on the way to NYC to meet with an editor. On the plane, I realized I should have an idea to pitch her and spent an hour brainstorming. 

2a: When can we expect to see this project?
June 2017

3.  How do you choose your book covers?
I just finalized the book cover for the first Mercy book, A MERCIFUL DEATH. It took seven months from start to finish. I wanted a stand out cover to brand a new mystery series, but the cover artist struggled to come up with the right feel for the book. My publisher switched artists and the new one came up with several good concepts on her first try. We narrowed it down and requested revisions several times. 

4. Music seems to influence a lot of authors, what are your musical influences, if any?
I honestly haven't listened to music for the last six years. 

5. How do you handle "writers block"?
With a timer. I make myself produce a thousand words in an hour. It's amazing what spills out when you don't take time to over analyze what you're writing.

6. Who has been your greatest influence?
Hmmm. Tough one. I'll say Diana Gabaldon because she's the reason I decided to try writing. 

7. Do you or have you ever had a muse?
No. I don't dare rely on anyone or anything for my ideas except myself.

8. What one subject is TABOO in your writing?
Well, I've done child molestation and child murder...all off the page and handled very tactfully. I probably wouldn't do most other sexual deviances. I'll hint at them but not write about them outright. 

9. What do you do when you aren't writing?
Read. Vacation. 

10. If there was one book you wish you'd written, which would it be?
Just one? I'll stick with the Diana Gabaldon theme and say OUTLANDER

11. What is your greatest passion?
My children

12. What one word best describes you?

13. If you could change places with one of your characters, would you?
Which one and why?
I don't think I would. Most of them have a lot of drama going on and I'm very anti-drama.

14. Is there one, current, tv show that is "can't miss" for you?
Project Runway. 

15. Money is no object, where do you go?
A huge beach front rental house in Hawaii with a personal chef, chauffeur, and maid.

16. Tell me, please, the first two books on your TBR list.
Alison Gaylin's WHAT REMAINS OF ME, and  Allison Leotta's THE LAST GOOD GIRL. I picked up both books at Bouchercon in September. I'm waiting to finish the book I'm writing before diving in.

17. How do you choose character names?
For secondary characters, I look through Facebook or whatever book is closest to me at the time. Each book takes 30-40 names. For primary characters, I think a lot longer longer. If I'm going to live with them for six months, I need to like them a lot. 

17a: Are you any of your characters inspired by someone you know in "real life?"
Yes. Nearly all of them contain pieces of people I know. Lacey in HIDDEN pulls a lot from my younger sister and her life. 

18. Tell us one thing we may not know about you.
I don't have a gall bladder. How's that for exciting? 

19. What do you want to be when you grow up?

20. Of the 7 Deadly Sins, which one have you committed most recently?
*googles sins* Probably gluttony. I've had too much ice cream and apple pie this week. 

Twitter: @KendraElliot

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