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Review - 5 Stars - Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Collection One (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries #1-3) Author: Melanie James @AutMelanieJames

Book: Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Collection One (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries #1-3)
Author: Melanie James
Publication Date: 2/10/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

I have read all three of these hiliarious books and I am adding my review to this set.

Accidental Leigh
Let me say that I was so excited about the release of this book. Just the cover made me smile.
And as soon as it released I grabbed it and didn’t put down my kindle til I was done reading.

We have Leigh a school teacher with a book boyfriend fetish more or less. She compares men in her real life almost to the ones in her books. HAHA the word Marshmallow is used to compare to one man she dated named Carl who is a school teacher also.
Leigh has an adult toy chest that would put most adult toy stores to shame. Too funny.

After the death of one of her favorite book boyfriends she decides to write a book and goes in search of items for a writing cave. She finds an antique desk for free and the old woman just wants it gone.

Without out giving to much away let me just say.

WEIRD things begin to happen as she writes at the desk including her cat Luna being more weird than normal. Things start to happen to her friends, her parents and to herself.

While over at one of her friends houses Leigh meets Hunter.
Will Hunter become her real life book boyfriend??

Kudos to Melanie James !!!
This book was fantastic. It’s comical I laughed so hard while reading this book, romantic, sexy and very well written.

Now go grab your copy and figure out what an old desk and a crazy cat named Luna may have to do with it or is it all in Leigh’s head?

Serious Leigh
This is the 2nd book in the series and oh my goodness talk about gut busting laughs. This book was even more comical then the first.

Things pickup where we were left hanging in book 1.

Leigh has been transported to the Witches Union and she is given the news that she has broken rules and that the 3 leaders are going to take a part in her book writing. She is also given a trainer by the name of Gertie.
Leigh learns her specialty seems to be the writing magic and she has to pay dues to the witches union.

Leigh finds herself in Denver and oh boy can things get any weirder? I think so keep reading lol.

Leigh has her hands full with trying to figure out how to remove the magic from the 2 college men who are totally enthralled with her 2 girlfriends Kelly and Lindsey.

But instead of following the Witches Union rules she was given she decides to take matters into her own hands. She sits down to write and hopefully fix everyone she cares about issues.

Leigh and Hunter’s relationship is slow to grow but I really enjoy reading all their mishaps from the Zoo to their first date out for dinner. And the Zoo issue is caused by well lets say they know both of the men.

Then the comical begins. Poor Gertie is drunk of all things .. and interrupts a passionate moment between Hunter and Leigh.
And oh no a paranormal pet shop what has Gertie done while she was drunk?
And just what is Esmeralda up to?

Well you will have to go grab a copy and find out..

This book is well written and kept me laughing through the entire thing. I can not wait for the next book in the series.

Hopeful Leigh
This is the 3rd installment in the Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Series and man was I floored with laughter.

Leigh and that desk of hers can not seem to get anything right.. Anything that could go wrong does go wrong. Hunter is coming home from the police academy and who does he lay a shocker on Leigh.
Then we have Luke and Derek these poor guys don’t have a chance in hell of a normal time with Kelly and Lindsey.

Oh my goodness and the girls are trying to teach Gertie all about well sex education too funny.

We also meet some new characters in this book which was hilarious as well.

Go pickup your copy and get reading.. I do suggest you start from book #1 so you get the whole story and can continue on Leigh’s crazy journey with her magic desk .

I love this series it is extremely funny , witty, romantic , and HOT .. What more could you ask for?

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