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Book Review: 5 Stars: Ax (A Wolf's Hunger #4) Author: Monica La Porta

Book: Ax (A Wolf's Hunger #4)
Author: Monica La Porta
Publication Date: 5/2/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

New to me author.

Ax walked away from his family and pack years ago. However, death brings him back, and his life is about to be changed and not just from that death.

Ax' brother Kendall is now becoming Alpha, and there is only one issue he has with his brother. Aimee, is his brothers mate or is she?

The Hunger has hit Ax and with that hits the entire pack the one he wants nothing to do with anymore.

But his Nana knows, the Goddesses know, now how on earth will he have what is his and will his brother forgive him?

So many surprises in this story and the last few chapters had me on my seat.

I borrowed this book via Kindle Unlimited

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