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Book Reviewed: Magic Unleashed :By : Julia Mills, A.K. Michaels, Claudy Conn, Melanie James, Nikki Lynn Barrette, Jennifer Theriot, Diane Rinella, Nicole Garcia, Candice Stauffer

Book Reviewed: Magic Unleashed
Author: Julia Mills, A.K. Michaels, Claudy Conn, Melanie James, Nikki Lynn Barrette, Jennifer Theriot, Diane Rinella, Nicole Garcia, Candice Stauffer
Publication Date: 7/17/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

I have read previously all but one of these books so I am adding review for every single one

Hades Halo by Julia Mills
The King of Hell has an angel and she goes by the name of Hope.
She comes into his underground bar but why? Why would the gods send her here? Well Hades is determined to find out and well he does like to play with his food.
Hope asks him how he knows her name and his response? Well I am not about to tell you that. But Hades now must protect this Angel although she is very confused by her commanders orders and after talking to her sisters she is even more confused.
This is one hot, sexy, and somewhat funny read.

A Wolf's Hunger - Sheba by A.K. Michaels
Oh, my goodness what a treat this book was. For anyone who has read the A Wolf's Hunger books, you know the Hunger hits when an Alpha finds their soul mate who almost always is in danger.
Well, hang on to your Kindle because we get one exciting story here. Sheba and Fox are going to take us all on a journey, unlike anything you have read. I totally enjoyed this one, and I hate to say it, but I think so far it's the best one yet.

Prince Prelude - Legends by Claudy Conn
In this book we have Julian Talbot who is engaged to Maxine of Reigate.
Julian is a Druid and he is aware of what he is.
Maxine is also a druid and is unaware of what she is but as the story unfolds she is learning what she truly is and what powers she holds.
They are destined to be together and more than that they are soul mates. However there is someone who wishes to break them apart and that is Lamia Dulaine aka The Beast . She has fallen hard for Julian Talbot and although she tries many ways to get him to notice her nothing works. Julian has only Maxine in his heart. Why is Lamia called the Beast? Well you need simply read this story to find out :)
And we also have Breslyn Prince of Dagda .You remember Breslyn right? The wonderful sexy Prince of the Fae from Prince in the Mist .. Well he has been sent by the Queen to keep watch on these humans. But
can he stop at just watching? Or will he intervene for his precious human race?
Julian and Maxine are a love undying .This book is Erotic, Romantic and just a pleasure to read I actually went back and re-read it because I kept thinking I missed something :)

Karma Inc. by Melanie James
If you have ever read the Literal Leigh series by this author you will know why it’s a laughing pee your pants kind of book. In this book, we get Kelly and Esmeralda who decided to open a new business together. What better than making sure Karma gets a little shove at whom she needs to aim her fury at? However, things do not always go as they seem and Kelly now faces charges by none of other than the Witches Union. Can Gertie, Marie, and Esmeralda get her out of the mess she is in? Add many of the other characters and Hunters parents and you get one heck of a big ole mess.
Absolutely loved this book. Esmeralda doesn’t have a lot of friends but she is a good one to Kelly. These two are hilarious. So if you like a good paranormal but with some comedy added then this I highly recommend to you.

Enchanted in Time by Nikki Lynn Barrette
This was an adorable read. We have an elderly author who needs a caretaker, then it's decided she will become a ghost writer and the mystery begins.

Desperately Seeking 69 by Jennifer Theriot writing as JD. Frettier
This book was hilarious, raunchy and I only pray I can come back this way when I pass. Bonnie and Peter have been together since meeting back during Woodstock. Through a life of wild and crazy, they are now older and well who knows if they are wiser? Bonnie has always lived life how she wants and that is not something that makes her very snobby daughter too happy. One day the unthinkable happens but Bonnie is taken on the journey of her life.
This is a good, well-written short story with love, laughter, and raunchiness all in one. I enjoyed it very much.

Scary Modsters by Diane Rinella
I read and reviewed this book in a previous box set.
Rosalyn is head over heals for dead rocker Peter Lane and her Ouija board is trying to tell her something. While out with her girlfriends she meets Niles’s and although they aren't totally compatible he is a nice enough guy but she wants Peter. Rosalyn and Nile's figure out that Peter Lane was murdered and take it among themselves to figure it out.
Can Niles finally win Rosalyn's heart? Can they help the now dead Peter Lane?
Rosalyn is way into the old music and Niles well he needs to get onboard or get lost.

Bitten by Nicole Garcia
I did the audible version of this book and here is my review.
"Come on in for a sip "
Would you listen to Bitten: A Club Blood Erotic Short #1 again? Why?
Yes I would. I like vampire stories and this one puts a little twist on things as it's females.
What did you like best about this story?
That Caressa finally sees she is worth love and so much more.
Have you listened to any of Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross ’s other performances before? How does this one compare?
I have never listened to these narrators and I have to say I enjoyed their performance.
Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
Almost near the end after Noah is transformed. At first he is very angry and then he realizes what has happened.

Hot Decadent Rising by Candice Stauffer
HOT is just that HOT !!!!!!!!! and receives 5 stars from me !!!
WOW and I didn't think I could be anymore pulled in to this series and Candice brings on the Hotness of Eli the pack leader and loving werewolf.. Eli and Kara have a lot of struggles and heartbreak but in the end Love conquers all... I loved reading about all the others from the previous series also and CAN not wait for the next book !!!!
I suggest that you start off this series the right way and read the first book in this series although this can be read as a stand alone Why miss out on the sexiness!

“I read this book via Kindle Unlimited.”

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