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Book Reviewed: 5 Stars: Brick: A Wolf's Hunger by Author: Elaine Barris

Book Reviewed: Brick: A Wolf's Hunger
Author: Elaine Barris
Publication Date: 9/14/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

New to me author.

Brick is going through a hunger craze or is he?
His Beta is evening beginning to worry about him and all that he is eating.
Brick and Duke being best friends they do it all together including sharing women. That is until...

A book that was made by those who detest shifters needs finding. And that is only the beginning of dealing with those who hate shifters.

Enter Ivy.. And Brick is caught..Hook, Line and Sinker, and he about blows it all.

And that Omega well just read what happens. Rex isn't what they think. WOW what a shocker here.

Action packed, and the banter between Alpha and Beta is hilarious.

I read this book via Kindle Unlimited.

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