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Book Reviewed: 5 Stars: Magic & Romance by Author: A.K. Michaels, Julia Mills, Claudy Conn, Melanie James, Jennifer Theriot, Nicole Garcia, Teri Riggs, Kelly Cozzone, Ever Coming, Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough

Book Reviewed: Magic & Romance
Author: A.K. Michaels, Julia Mills, Claudy Conn, Melanie James, Jennifer Theriot, Nicole Garcia, Teri Riggs, Kelly Cozzone, Ever Coming, Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough
Publication Date: 10/5/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

I have read many of these books prior and I am leaving my review for them below.

Phoebe - Julia Mills
Cute, Short, Sexy story.
Phoebe and Jax were both raised the foster home system so she thinks of Jax as a brother. Phoebe gets a visit from a lawyer named Grant who has papers concerning Phoebe's birth mother. They are off for an adventure to Greece. Well it turns into the trip from hell itself. Phoebe finds out so much including things she never thought possible. The story heats up with Grant and Phoebe's attraction coming to the forefront. Jax is a very protective brother so Grant won't get anything easy in trying to woo Phoebe. Phoebe is one tough *Chick*.
We get just a bit of mystery, a little bit of comedy, and a taste of romance.

Through Time - Whiplash - Claudy Conn
Yet another fantastic book by Claudy Conn. What I love about this book is that she brings characters we have come to love from the previous books. In this story we have Trevor who is the youngest Royal Fae Prince and brother to Dante Royal Fae Prince of Lugh. He is sent on a mission by the Queen however it is not the mission he wants . He wants revenge against Pestale he feels that the Dark Royal Prince got off way to easy for his killing of Lana. Enter Jazz Decker who is a very powerful Shee Fios who has now been tossed back in time to 1816. She and Trevor must find a way to A. Get back to the future and B. Stop the Dark Fae Prince Hordly.
Hordly has taken Jazz and Trevors tracks them and learns that Hordly has fangs? Not only that
Trevor discovers his Fios Jazz has extreme powers. During all of this Trevor discovers he has feelings although he is unsure what those feelings are or mean.
He knows he will not allow any harm to come to Jazz Decker and makes a vow on this he also knows he feels something very strong for this Human..Will they escape the past? Tons of Action and of course the Sexual, Emotional Turbulance keeps you glue'd to the book !
Get reading the book and you shall find out

Gertie's Paranormal Plantation - Melanie James
Gertie you know the witch from the Leigh series. She has her own story to tell.
Gertie has been dating Brad the fireman for quite some time now but she hates that they are so far apart from each other and decides to help Brad decide to move in with her on the plantation. But many things take place that could spell doom for the happy couple.
We have witches, dragon, humans, and some surprising new creatures in this story. And if you have ever read any of the Leigh books and busted a gut laughing. Gertie will give you that ten fold. Melanie James has outdone herself on this new story. Can't wait to read more about Gertie and her Plantation.

Linda Gets Her Groove Thing - Jennifer Theriot
This is book two in The Green Room Chronicles, and I am pretty sure you can read as a stand alone however if you want to know about some of the characters I suggest you pick up book one.
Linda is hilarious even after her husband devastated her with divorce papers on top of losing all their funds she gets upset and let's just say it all goes uphill in big up way.
When Linda meets Dee and Bonnie lets just say you better have the depends handy because these women will have you in stitches.
This is a short, hilarious read and I would suggest it if you like a little naughty with your nice.

Saving Private Blue - Nicole Garcia
This is a short but sweet romance story.
Savannah grew up being bullied in school being called many names. The only 2 people who came to her rescue were brothers Billy and Travis. These 3 were inseparable but Billy and Savannah fell in love. Billy has now joined the Army and is being deployed to Afghanistan. He loves Savannah enough that he does not want her to be hurt if something were to happen to him so he lies to her.
And those lies setup a lot of heartache for Savannah and its brother Travis who is asked to try to pickup those pieces of her broken heart but can he?
After 4 years away Billy is back and things are forever changed for this man who went off to fight for the freedom of his fellow Americans.
Can hearts be repaired? Does true love win in the end?

Tropical Dreams - Kelly Cozzone
Tropical Dreams .. Had me thinking oh maybe a book about an island or something WOW so not what I was thinking.
We have David Murphy FBI agent injured in a huge bust lost of all of his team. Called to do another job one he did not want to take. He did not want to be responsible for anyone ever again. But he takes it on and its to guard Tiana Alexander daughter of some big wig. There is a contract out for the death of Tiana but of course David can not let her know this. So he poses as someone wanting a job at the soon to be opening night club Tropical Dreams which is Tiana’s long time dream.
Ok that’s all I am going to tell you because I do not want to put spoilers.
Let me leave you with this.. Does David guard Tiana? Or does David fall even further from what he did not intend to happen?
Oh and who do you think put the contract out on her life? The Friend? The Best Friend? Her Dad? Hmmmm
The book was great , the action is endless and the suspense WOW .. and bring on the ROMANCE HOT HOT HOT !!!!!

The Dragon and the Vampire - Special Enforcement Bureau Book 1 - A.K. Michaels
This book was fantastic. In this book we have Ronan he was mentioned in a previous series of books by the author. He is the leader / Head of The Supernatural Enforcement Bureau. What is that you ask? Well in most countries we all have to have some sort of justice / police and this is the Paranormal equivalent.
Ronan is bewildered as a Dragon is being hunted by the dark magic witch that almost killed Peri his sires mate. A dragon shifter wow is what he thinks. He has never seen one nor does he believe until he finally sees her. And feelings begin immediately. Starr has been on the run a very long time from the hunters they have killed her brother and have tried to capture her.
Ronan and his team do all they can to find Starr and help her understand they wish to help her not hurt her.
With the witch Esther’s help they locate Starr.
Starr comes back to the Bureau with Ronan and Esther and things heat up between Starr and Ronan. They have figured out they are life mates. Well things get right HOT between these two.
But they are not out of danger and Starr refuses to be left behind while Ronan and his teams go to hunt the Hunters.
Can they save Starr? Can the team actually put an end to the hunters?
Well pick up your copy and I am sure you will love it as much as I did.

Eden's Kiss (Porter Kingston Series #4)
Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough
This is book four in this series.
Claudia and Olivia and the Kingston’s' men’s children are all grown up. Grayson has planned a trip for a few years and now it is finally time to take it. Of course, his best friend and cousin Gideon is going with him. They run into one little snag. Little sister to Gideon has decided to stow away in the back seat. Eden has always been a thorn in many sides but she is a loving soul also. Something takes place that many would see as taboo and Grayson has no clue how to speak to his parents or his best friend about it. Grayson also learns of those who should be in his life and hopes everything works out.
Grayson came into this family at the age of ten. He and Eden although cousins are not blood family. They have had intense feelings all of their lives.
What happens when they can no longer hide those feelings? Will their families be happy or shut them out? A horrible accident may be what breaks the issue all together.
I enjoyed this story and have enjoyed this series. I would suggest starting with book one so you can learn everyone. I cannot wait to find out who gets a book next.

“I read this book via Kindle Unlimited.”

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