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Taming Trent
Sherman Family Series Book 5
by Dominique Eastwick
Genre - Contemporary Romance


Trenton Sherman discovers the hard way he can’t save those who didn’t want
saving. In the end, it costs him nearly everything to try. With his business in the
tank, his body broken, and his very beliefs challenged, Trenton must battle his
demons both real and in his head if he is to achieve the future he always
dreamed of.
Once bitten twice shy. Tamron loved the wrong man when the right one had
been there the whole time. But now that she has a real chance at love is she
willing to take the chance? Can she be what Trent needs to overcome the PTSD
he is dealing with?
Can two people burned by the same man find the common ground to fight for a
love they deserve, or will the ground beneath them crumble like the ice cave that
brought them back together.
The Sherman family is back fighting for their youngest brother, and nothing will
stop them.

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Trent adjusted in his bed, his heart in his throat, what would he do if she
answered the way he feared her next question? “You don’t want children?”
“On the contrary. I just didn’t want children with him.” Her voice dropped
in both tone and volume. “There, now our dirty little secret is out in the
“What? What do you want me to say? God, you know Craig. He’s selfish and
only wants things someone else has. How long would it take him to become
bored with a baby and me as a mom? I never understood why he stayed so
long or asked me to marry him to start with.”
“Because I wanted you.” The words flew out before he could prevent them.
Her jaw dropped. “What are you talking about?”
“The first moment I saw you across the damned pub, I thought I had found
my soul mate.”
She paced, shaking her head. “No, that’s not right. You were interested in
“Are you kidding me? I was stuck with Chrissie, a woman who claimed an
association because our brothers happened to play rugby together during
Tony’s senior year. And because a decade before, I was at a party with her
when she was barely a teenager. By the time I could take my focus off her
without being rude, Craig had moved in, and I remained forever his wing
She stopped, arms crossed, staring out the window. For minutes that
seemed like hours, she remained silent, didn’t move or acknowledge his
statement. “Please say something. Damn it! I hate being tied to this bed.”
Stalking across the room before he could say anything else, she cupped his
face and brought her lips to his. Needing no other incentive, he pulled her
closer, his tongue taking the kiss deeper. She tasted of amber beer and the
spices from dinner and smelled divine. He had wanted this moment for so
long, now that he had her in his embrace, he relished it, took his time.
He wanted to remember this moment, every part of it. He pulled back,
searching her hazel eyes. With shaking fingers, he traced her face, learning
with touch what his eyes had memorized years ago. “You are so beautiful.”
“I’m plainly average.” She appeared to be doing the same as him. Her
fingers brushed the stubble on his chin.
“Not to me. I’ve studied every line and curve of your face, convinced your
skin couldn’t be as soft as I imagined.” She closed her eyes, moving into his
touch as he cupped her cheek. “Only to find it is softer than I could have
ever dreamed.”
“Did you? Dream, that is?” She turned into his palm, placing a kiss into the
“I’ve dreamt of you more than any other dream. You’re the unattainable,
the one thing all my connections as a Sherman couldn’t help me obtain.
And yet, if I couldn’t touch you, hold you, I was happy for what scraps I
could get.”
“Why did you never say anything?”
“You were my best friend’s girlfriend then fiancée. I had to stand by and
stand up for another man when all I wanted to do was scream, ‘I do object
because I love her.’”
She pulled away. “You can’t love me.”

Author Bio

Award winning author Dominique Eastwick currently calls North Carolina home
with her husband, two children, one lazy lab, and one crazy Norwegian
Elkhound. Dominique spent much of her early life moving from state to state as
a Navy Brat. Because of that traveling is one of her favorite pastimes. When
she’s not writing, you can find Dominique with her second love...her camera.

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