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Audible Book Review: Wolf's Mate (Crescent Moon #7) Author: Katie Reus Narrated By: Jeffrey Kafer @katiereus

Audible Book: Wolf's Mate (Crescent Moon #7)
Author:  Katie Reus
Narrated By: Jeffrey Kafer
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts 
My Rating: 5 Stars 

Erica is a member of Grant' pack and she took a year off to travel a bit and ended up at a packs place in Montana. Falling for none other than the Alpha's brother and Beta Hudson.
It was to be nothing but casual but oh yea we have heard that one before.
Hudson is everything she could ever want in a mate, a man. He is loyal, honest, treats her well and is excellent in the sack.

Erica heads back to her own pack but something doesn't sit right.
Wolf shifters didn't get sick and she was sick. She couldn't hide it from Grant and he knows whats up. So back to Montana she goes but when she gets there she learns Hudson isn't there... He what???

I loved this story and the narrator does a fantastic job.

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