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Book Reviewed: Wicked & Sexy Nights Anthology My Rating: 5 Stars Authors: @AutMelanieJames, @AvaKMichaels , @GenaDLutz, @JuliaMills623 , @JenTheRiot, @WynterDaniels + more

Wicked & Sexy NightsWicked & Sexy Nights by Melanie James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Reviewed: Wicked & Sexy Nights Anthology
My Rating: 5 Stars
Authors: Melanie James, Piper Davenport, A.K. Michaels, Jack Davenport, Gena D. Lutz, Harley Stone, Sky Purington,
Sybil Bartel, Dawn Montgomery, Julia Mills, Hildie McQueen,
Kate Angell, Teri Riggs, Aubree Lane, Bella Roccaforte, Elaine Barris, Jennifer Theriot, Monica La Porta, Wynter Daniels, Jami Brumfield
Publication Date: 9/182016
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

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-When You Witch Upon a Star by Melanie James
In this story we get Jessica you know the witch we met in a previous book. She traveled back in time and now is learning witchy stuff with her cousin Kelly and oh, and Ezzy. And where else would a witch want to live? Assjacket, WV ha-ha too funny well to me it is. Witches can have playmates but when it comes to shifters that is as far as it's allowed but will that stop things from happening for Jessica? We shall find out as she is off to Assjacket to study the ins and outs and under the sheets of shifters. Jessica runs into the the witches of the area while there and things just do not go too well at all.
And bring your pee-pads as we get antics from Nonna and Maria as well these two are beyond hilarious. And Tiago the bird is a hoot. And a pesky raccoon who we find out may be just what Jessica needed.
Oh and I cannot forget Rollan who Jessica has the hots for.
I enjoyed this very humorous book.

-The Witch, The wolf, and the Vampire by A.K. Michaels
In this book we have a young witch named Peri. She has been working for a bounty hunter in order to make only cash so that she had no paper trail to lead anyone to her. While out on a job one night she encounters Josef a Vampire and Gabe a werewolf who are best friends for over 100 years. Yea the ODD COUPLE I want to call them. Love it !!
Someone or something is after Peri and Josef and Gabe are determined to protect her no matter what. But when they find out who it is that hurt Peri they know the situation must be dealt with. Josef is a very powerful and rich vampire and he has called in some of the best to find out what the situation may be with Peri and what he first learns is nothing but less than SHOCKING.

-Sonnet Vale by Gena D. Lutz
Sonnet is a tracker of paranormal beings for Fang Squad Inc. She has never really killed anyone but her time was a coming.
Her partner Emely did all the killings and she loves it. Sonnet loves her friend but she often speaks harshly when it comes to Sonnet's family. The family that treated her as if she was some crazed loon. They have no clue what Sonnet is or why she does what she does why is that.
Heading home she is caught off guard by whom? None other than the Vampire she ran into after her partner ripped the last vampire to shreds his friend. She learns this vampire is not like the rest or is he? His name is Bane.
Bane feels something for Sonnet and lets her know he sees her strength within and what it means to other paranormal beings as well. Bane has agreed to help Sonnet find a missing girl but can he help Sonnet in other ways?
And just what is Emely ?? Is she truly a hunter?
We have vamps and other super natural beings I love when paranormal books gives us a few instead of just 1.
Gena D. Lutz gives us one heck of a great story here. I loved it. The chemistry between Sonnet and Bane is super freaking HOT and funny in many ways. And so many twists and turns leaves you wanting so much more.

-Fury by Julia Mills
Wow, I don't even know what to say about this story. It has left me speechless. We get our very SEXY Alpha Dragon, but we get one kick butt take names later female partner.
Fury has visions, so he tends to keep to himself and not out with his brethren. But the fates have demanded he leave his cave and go to his mate.
Demons we get bloody demons who can transform oh my gosh hold on to your seats for this battle.
Pippa, I love this woman she is hilarious, strong and again a don't ask questions kinda woman and wait till you read what she can do.
And of course, we get Kayne and many other paranormals in on things.
Fantastic story I loved every page.

-Relationship Resuscitation by Jennifer Theriot
This story was sexy, sweet, romantic and funny as heck. Jayne a blogger/woman's advocate, and Phillip a lawyer are an older married couple living in a cul de sac where all the neighbors are friends for the most part. Their daughters are grown and gone and Jayne and Jayne get to talking about spicing up their love lives aka bedroom time with their partners. These two ladies are hilarious. It's a race between these couples more or less to see who does it best? HAHA pickup your copy and read it..

-Desert Island Delight by Wynter Daniels
Diana and Chase have been in competition for what seems like forever they are both work for a large advertising company.
They are now off on a mega million dollar deal for some Middle Eastern big wig and find themselves hi-jacked.
The assassins take many beloved items from Diana and toss them into the ocean. Chase keeps telling her to keep quiet in hopes of saving her.
After all this time at being at odds with each other can Diana and Chase help each other to stay alive?
This book is intense with the suspense and action very good indeed and then the passion just explodes off the pages as this couple finally find one thing they don't need to fight or compete about.
Wicked & Sexy Nights

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