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#book #review #greatbook Book Reviewed: Consumed (Firefighters #1) My Rating: 5 Stars by Author: J.R. Ward @JRWard1

Book Reviewed: Consumed
(Firefighters #1)
My Rating: 5 Stars
Author: J.R. Ward
Publication Date: 10/2/2018
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

I enjoyed getting the full story to Consumed.
Anne and Danny wow what a power couple this is.
They both are total opposites yet they are a powerhouse together.
Anne due to an accident in a fire lost the right to be a firefighter but that didn't stop this woman she now still fights only she is a detective of sorts.
And what she begins to unravel will leave you speechless.

After the accident, Danny is taking more risks than normal and he is risking it all. Including losing Anne for good.
This was a fantastic story and I can not wait to see what the Author brings us next.

Consumed (Firefighters #1)

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