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#audiblereview #fivestar - Covert Games (Redemption Harbor Series, Book 6) by Author: Katie Reus @katiereus

Audible Review of: Covert Games (Redemption Harbor Series, Book 6)
Author: Katie Reus
Narrated By: Sophie Eastlake
My Rating: 5 Stars 
Reviewed by:  Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts 

Another high suspense read from this author. 
I love this series, and this book reminds me why.
We get action, suspense, and Oh so hot romance. 
The team is yet again dealing with something involving 
Alexei Kuznetsov and this time it's Leighton who takes this case for his friend Hazel. 
All is going well until Leighton sees Lucy. 
Now all bets are off the table, and it's a game of catch and control before he loses her to her crazy, sick, twisted Uncle. 
Add in the narration by Sophie Eastlake and she brings the story to life. 
She handles each character wonderfully. Fantastic audible...

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