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Release Blitz - Stalked in Lockdown by Debbie Hope

A brand new title from Debbie Hope just went live! 

This is a short story
He has the name as well as the game.
Killer Bastauros has never been caught, never been in prison, never turned down a job no matter how hard. But when the president of his MC Las Demonios loans him out on a kill order for Cameron Smythe, his reputation is the thing about to take a hit.
Cameron is a woman, and his one deal breaker is that he never hurts women.
Especially ones that look at him like she is, trusting, broken, needing him to save her.
Now he’s on the wrong side of his crew and on the right side of love for the first time in his life. And he’s not letting go of the good thing and the good woman he’s found.
But can he save her and their new love before someone else takes a shot at all he’s ever wanted?

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