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Release & Sale Blitz - Conall's Mate: A Macconwood Pack Novel by Author C.D. Gorri @cgor22

Author C.D. Gorri is joining us today with a New Release & Sale 
Be sure to grab your copy!

A brand new title from C.D. Gorri just went live & we have a Sale too! 
Purchase: Conall's Mate: A Macconwood Pack Novel

New Release -  mybook.to/conallsmate 

"She was just another assignment, but what happens to this cocky Werewolf when she turns out to be so much more?"

Conall Truman loved being a single. The danger and excitement of being one of the Alpha's Wolf Guard was right up his alley. So far, life has been good to the blonde Werewolf. But he's going to have to rethink his ideas about mated Werewolves being nothing more than slaves to their chosen mate's every whim if he wants to avoid friction with his Pack. But hey, he can't help it if his buddies are all whipped. He just knows it's not for him.

Then he's assigned to protect a visiting dignitary from another Pack and all bets are off. Conall can't believe it when he meets his own mate in the fiery woman with the curvaceous body and a mouth that was begging him to kiss it silly. Can he get her to take him seriously? This confirmed bachelor is about to change his status, if she'll have him.

Elia Spark needs protection. She flees her home for the Macconwood Pack seeking sanctuary from her domineering, and possibly criminally insane cousin. The search for the High Alpha has begun and her cousin will stop at nothing to tip the odds in his favor. Including forcing her to marry him. Can you say ick?

Ragged and weary from her flight, Elia is not her typical self when she makes it to Macconwood, New Jersey. Meeting her mate in a cocky Werewolf with spiked blonde hair was certainly not on the top of her list. The bad boy might be her fated mate, but Elia was done cowering to the men in her life. If this Wolf Guard wanted her, he was going to have to work for it.

Find out if Conall gets his mate in this next installment of the Macconwood Pack Novel Series!

New Release -  mybook.to/conallsmate 

Visit C.D. Gorri - https://bit.ly/cdgorrifacebook

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