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#bookreview #fivestarread - Book Review: Torched (Dark Kings #13) Author: Donna Grant


Torched (Dark Kings, #13)
Book Review: Torched (Dark Kings #13)
Author: Donna Grant
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewer - Tammy Book Nook Nuts

I am a little behind still on this series so some backtracking now brought me this thrilling story.
Ulrick has been banned from Dreagan. Con has taken not only his home away but his magic. However, Ulrick is strong and despite it all, he forges ahead.
Now he finds himself loving a mortal, and in the mix, he must keep what is rightfully his from his evil uncle.
It will take Elish to show this powerful dragon just what kind of man he truly is. Can she also build the bridge with his brethren that has been broken? All while staying alive herself.
Powerful, action-packed, explosive story...

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