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Release Blitz - It's The Great Dragon, Molly Brown by Julia Mills @JuliaMills623



A brand new title from Julia Mills just went live!

Purchase: It's The Great Dragon, Molly Brown

t’s time! It’s time! The most glorious time of the year! Fall! Halloween! Samhain! And… drum roll please… The Brown Family Pumpkin Patch Pick-A-Beauty and Win a Jack-O-Lantern for Life Party-stravaganza.

Everything is ready. My precious beauties are their orangey orangest and their roundy roundest, and they’re bigger than any other year in history. They are ready to be loved, carved, and lit up for all the world to see. This is gonna be the best ev… whoooooooa!

What the heck just happened? What was that noise? Is there a perpetrator in my Pumpkin Patch? Was that the sound of a gourd smugglin’ son of gun messin’ with my babies? Oh, hell no! I am Molly Brown. Hear me roar. Ain’t nobody gonna mess with my punkins.

With Cleo on my shoulder and my trusty Wand back in the house, this Keeper of the Sacred Pumpkin is on the case. No way, no how is anyone gonna rain on my parade. 

But wait!

What’s that sound? What was that flash of scales? Was that…” Could it really be…? 

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bat! It’s a ghost! Oh, my gracious, Goddess with googly eyes, it’s the Great Dragon, Molly Brown!

Another hilariously amazing addition to the Dragon Guard series – the Dragon Guard Holiday Love Stories demanded to be told. I hope you giggle and swoon, laugh out loud and fall in love with these sassy women and their Dragons who refused to be tamed. Can’t wait to hear what you think of this story! Drop me a line anytime! XOXO, Julia


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