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Book Review: Kissed By Fire: A Dragon Shifter Anthology @cgor22 @JuliaMills623


Book Review: Kissed By Fire: A Dragon Shifter Anthology
Author: Laura Bickle, Lia Davis, Michelle Fox, Dara Fraser & Kate Richards, C.D. Gorri, Kathryn M. Hearst, K.N. Lee, Tami Lund, Bec McMaster,
Julia Mills, Valerie Twombly, Nicole Zoltack
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewer - Tammy Book Nook Nuts

I am leaving a review for the following stories.

Dragon's Lore by Julia Mills
This book just wow.
We get Lore who is Zachary's granddaughter and her best friend Minka who is hilarious, they both work with animals in some form or shape. But Lore has kept something... someone... secret but the secret is out. Lore doesn't want what the fates are throwing her way and she knows only a matter of time before it grabs her and doesn't let go.
He knew she was the minute he took in her predators' eyes. But how could that be? He was too broken for her. Wasn't he?
Can Lore rescue Sable in more ways than one?
Or will he perish?
A strong story, romance, action and it kept my eyes on the pages.

Mated To The Dragon King by C.D. Gorri
A mystery, A past, and a New World...
That is what Rei gets when he wakes after 100 years. Who made him sleep for so long?
Who ruined everything he owned and had?
He hates females...
Well, he needs help and that help comes with blue eyes and a beautiful smell.
The minute she steps into that castle her fate was set.
Cora doesn't want Rei her shifter part does though.
Well, she isn't going willingly.

Kissed By Fire: A Dragon Shifter Anthology

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