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Release Blitz - Naughty, Not Nice by Author D.A. Stein @DASteinauthor


A brand new title from D.A. Stein just went live! 

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Will the Ghosts of Christmas' Past, Present, and Future be the key to his future?

Glock is a pirate. He supplies what is demanded of him and nothing more. But when he is tasked with kidnapping a human female and her two children, his normal get-in-get-out motto is challenged. Especially when he's stuck with his cargo when the deal goes south. And the heart he thought he'd sealed off starts to beat a little differently...

Kathy is a fierce mom with only one thing on her mind. Protecting her kids. But it seems the whole galaxy is out to get them as they are kidnapped from one alien to another. When the latest alien captor turns out to be a pirate, she wonders if she can't somehow escape yet another fate in slavery. But just when she thinks she's getting through to Glock, she's kidnapped again.

Now, with his prize cargo gone, Glock must decide if he wants to go after them. He is charged with another goal involving kidnappings. He has to decide which is more important at the moment. And when he does, borrowing his friend's ship to go after the sweet mother and her kids who have gotten under his skin, Glock is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas' Past, Present and Future. This spectre promises more visits to come and leaves Glock with only questions: What is Christmas? Who are these Ghosts? And will he be able to get Kathy and her kids back before it's too late? For his heart and their future?

DA Stein is a USA Today bestselling author. I like to write about kick-ass heroines and the men that love them. I like to write in different genres, so you will be seeing different kinds of books in the future. I'm a bit of a hermit when I'm at home and I love being with my dogs and cats.

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