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Desperately Seeking Sixty Nine (The Green Room Chronicles, Book One) by JD Frettier
Genre - RomCom, Short Story, Paranormal
Listening Length - 1 ½ hrs
Narrated by: Hollie Jackson

Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? Is the verdict out on whether you’ll go to heaven or hell? What if there were another option?
Introducing The Green Room Chronicles, a collection of novellas with a spicy yet humorous take on life after death. This series will tap into your emotions, providing lots of laughter, a bit of sadness—each book begins with the death of the main character—the camaraderie of friends, and a whole lot of love. While the series can be read as standalones, to get the full gist, along with all the belly-gushing laughter, fans continue to recommend you read them all!
First in the series is Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine:
The year is 1969. Though there is war and unrest in the world, on August 15th, on a farm in upstate New York, a little concert will go down in history as the most famous music festival of our time: Woodstock.
It also happens to be the day Bonnie McMillan and Peter Hampton meet and begin their free-spirited love-filled journey with each other. What happens at Woodstock stays at Woodstock, right? Nope!
Fast forward forty-seven years. Bonnie unexpectedly passes after a night of hot sex and is whisked up to Purgatory, ‘The Green Room’ as they call it. Bonnie’s best friend meets her at the pearly green gates and the fun begins, from body sculpting to channeling.
Follow Bonnie on her erotically incorrect quest to re-connect with the love of her life. Or at the very least, make sure the sex toys are hidden before the kids start sorting through her things!


JD Frettier is the nom de plume of USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer Theriot. Being a child of the 1960s and Woodstock era, she was elated when a quirky couple spoke to her, requesting their love story be told. It was an offer she couldn’t refuse, and penned Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine, the first book in The Green Room Chronicles. The series is a spicy romantic comedy series about the after-life, guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. JD’s laptop and mind are always open to new characters. Stay tuned for more Green Room Chronicles!




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