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#newrelease #bookreview #fivestarread - A Book A Day Presents: Color Theory @BlairBabylon @authorjanetmota

17 Exclusive ALL-NEW romance stories by bestselling authors about couples who defy convention and follow their hearts. These stories are all brand new and only available in this box set!

Love is blind, but it’s never easy. A Book a Day Presents: Color Theory is a collection of stories about love that is determined not by the color of one’s skin, but by the connection of two hearts. They face challenges, but together they not only overcome—but soar. These couples know the color of one’s skin can’t determine who a person loves. Love is so much more.

This amazing anthology will only be available for a short time, and all the proceeds will go to the education of Black students.

I am sure all of these stories are wonderful and I hope to read them all. However, I am leaving a review for the following stories at this time: 
Most Likely to Remain on the list.
Ten Most Eligible Lords by Blair Babylon

We met Simone briefly in Max's first book. She is in an abusive marriage and of course, Max swoops in to save the day. 
We now find Simone safe and with her family and attending a New Years Party in New York and none other than an old boyfriend appears. 

Kit has wanted her, has thought of Simone, and now....
She is divorced, and here with him... What will he do?

This couple is so cute and I found myself rooting for them. 
Simone deserves happiness and Kit is just the man to give it. 
Now is his chance !! Will he take it?
Wonderful story... Love is all you need. 

My Love, My Life, You by Janet A. Mota

Nikki has stood by Marcus in his worst of times. All think he should tell her how he feels but will he lose her?
Neither knows what the other feels though and when they realize it well let's just say your heart will bloom with theirs. 
A Wonderful story.

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