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#newrelease #bookreview #fivestarread - Stormbound by J.C. McKenzie @JC_McKenzie



J.C. McKenzie

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2LloCVD

Ten years ago, Eric Buchanan ripped out Brenna’s heart and stomped on it. Having grown up in a werewolf pack without the ability to shift, Brenna already possessed thick skin but getting rejected by her true mate made her flee her childhood home and start a new life. If she never sees Eric again it will be too soon.

Eric might be the son of the alpha and set to take over one of the most powerful packs in the Rockies, but he has a secret. One so shocking and shameful, he’d swallowed it up inside and let the pain poison him over the years. If only he could see Brenna and make things right.

When lost pink mittens, a car accident and a fateful blizzard trap Eric and Brenna in a cabin, they have nothing but hot chocolate and time to sort things out. Brenna believed nothing could hurt her more than her true mate’s rejection, and Eric thought losing Brenna was the worst thing to happen to him. If they’re not careful, they’ll learn just how wrong they are.

One snowstorm, some candy hearts, and one voice in her head...

Brenna can't help that she has always been the one out...

And because her wolf doesn't want to come out and play she can't have the one she knows the fates gifted her. He shunned her... Or did he?

Eric hates that his family is constantly trying to wed him off. 

He knows who he wants he just thought she didn't want him... Or did she?

Can these two find each other again after ten long years and perhaps a whole lotta love...

Wonderfully written story, with a whole bunch of heart. 

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