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#newrelease #bookreview #fivestarread - Her Cowboy's Love Triangle (Christmas in Shooting Star Canyon #6) by Sierra Gamble @SierraGamble_SG


Her Cowboy's Love Triangle

(Christmas in Shooting Star Canyon #6)

by Sierra Gamble 


David Witt's the youngest cowboy at Shooting Star Canyon, and now, he's also the only one to be single. That's not because he has no interest in girls. He does. He does times two.

Allie O’Flynn is sweet, kind, and charming. Madison Hoffman, one of Will’s sisters, has always had a crush on Dave, and she’s brilliant, funny, and driven.

Somehow, someway, this love triangle is going to have to be resolved. It’s just a bit awkward for Dave to be stuck in a cabin with limited food and supplies with both Allie and Madison.

Hopefully, the storm will end in time for them to make it back to Shooting Star Canyon before Christmas. If not, this just might be the most awkward Christmas of all.

We have met Madison and Dave in previous stories. Madison is the sister of Will and Dave is the youngest of the cowboys and Will's best friend. However now it seems with all the cowboys wed Dave is kinda lost. He has always had his painting though. Madison is ready to stretch her wings and move out so she does. 

Her crush on Dave has never faltered until lately...

Allie is a friend of Rosie and she too has a crush on Dave. 

Dave being young and unsure of life has to decide once and for all and it will take a huge storm to help him finally see what God intends for him. 

This is the final story in a wonderful series. I highly recommend you start with book one although they are stand-alone. 

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