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Romancing The Shifter


You can never have enough shifters...

Filled to the brim with strong, smexy alpha males, heroines who know what they want, and affectionate shifters of all kinds, this collection will deliver hours of delicious, happily-ever-after reads from bestselling and award-winning paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors.

If you yearn for captivating tales of big burly bears, fiery dragons, stealthy wolf shifters, and other supernatural creatures like vampires, demons, witches, and more, then Romancing the Shifter will satisfy your every desire. Crawl into these fantasy worlds, get lost in love affairs that are written in the stars, and find your next book boyfriend.

Anything with paranormal romance and beings is excellent, and when you are given many of those stories even better.
I am leaving a review currently for a few of the stories.

Doubly Bound by C.D. Gorri.
Sage is on a trip with her sisters Ani and Ginger.
However it's not a typical trip, and she gets her wildest dreams to come true.
Moongate Island where the men all come in pairs... Oh. My.
I would love to go to this Island hahaha...
Well, Sage meets Landry & Callan and all bets are off.
She is theirs and they aim to please whoop!
Fantastic story! we even get a bit of action from a bad bad witch.

Night Terrors by Melissa Bell
Wow, creepy... but endearing.
Bailey isn't like her friend Selena, she doesn't have a family with tons of money. She has to work and a job she is offered... Will she take it?
Quintin is her boss, yet she feels a pull to him. She knows he feels it too but now what? And why does he live below an Insane Asylum? Will Bailey accept him?... And all the things that go bump in the night?
Read it and find out...Very well-written story.

When The Snow Flies by Kiki Howell & Gina Kincade
Loved this fairytale-type retelling of Beauty and the Beast.
Anna lived in a make-believe world as much as she could after so much loss.
Grael pops into her life like literally... And now he has something to tell her about who he is and what she is to him... Will she believe?
A wonderful story that takes tragedy and brings new life.

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