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#releaseblitz - Maidens of Mayhem Collection: Magic and Mayhem Universe by Julia Mills @JuliaMills623


A brand new title from Julia Mills just went live! 

Purchase: Maidens of Mayhem Collection: Magic and Mayhem Universe


Welcome to the wonderful world of the Maidens of Mayhem!

Here in Tallulu Parish, Pigs DO fly, Mules DO kick, and a T-Rex MOST ASSUREDLY roared the house to the ground.

Come on down, sit a spell, and read some of our best stories. These zany tales are guaranteed to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and more than a little giggle in your day. The Ladies of the Flock – or Besties from the Nesties as they like to be called - are amateur detectives with feathers, attitude, and a hankering to hold on to their Mates with both wings.  

Whether it's tackling prehistoric, pubescent Pterodactyls, or chasing down an archnemesis - YES! Real people can have an archnemesis. This is the twenty-first century, don'tcha know? - hellbent on hurting their hunka-hunka-burnin' love – these ladies always come out on top, get the bad guy, and party like a Flock Star!

Don't wait another second. It's time to get Flocked. Grab your copy, put up your feet and laugh out loud as you fall in love with the craziest bunch of Winged Shifters the South has ever seen.

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