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#bookreview #fivestarread - Fractured Minds (Rebels of Sandland #3) by Author: Nikki J. Summers @BooksSummers


Book Review: Fractured Minds (Rebels of Sandland #3)
Author: Nikki J. Summers
My Rating: 5 Stars

One massive ball of emotion. That is what the author gives us with Finn's story.
What Finn and Alice have gone through will tear your heart out, or make you want to put those who hurt them in the ground.
After Finn is hurt, his sister makes the decision to leave Sandland only where she is going isn't going to be heaven... no it's HADES!!

Effy is amazing, caring, and has always been in the background. She has always been there for Finn in her own way. Finn feels the same about her although he feels he isn't good enough. When this female decides to shed her quiet skin what replaces it is one very strong female who is there...

Riveting, emotional, action-packed roller coaster.

**I read this book via Kindle Unlimited and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book**

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