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Excerpt Reveal - BECOMING WILDE by HK Jacobs @hk_jacobs @InkSlingerPR


BECOMING WILDE by HK Jacobs is coming June 13th. Check it out and be sure to pre-order your copy today!


Author: HK Jacobs

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Release Date: June 13th

About Becoming Wilde:

Is this the beginning of our epic love story?   Alexandra Wilde's life is beyond her wildest dreams. After a tumultuous year, she has returned to Botswana as a full-fledged pediatric ICU doctor and reignites a consuming romance with Ian Devall, the privileged philanthropist who has captured her heart. Her new position at the hospital is fraught with challenges as saving lives pushes her resourcefulness to the brink. Meanwhile, her connection with Ian deepens, and she realizes that forging a commitment with him will require a sacrifice she isn't ready to make. As she teeters on the precipice of decision, tragedy strikes and sends her into a spiral of grief where she must find hope in adversity...or risk losing everything she has become.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I went to see my dad to talk to him about the Mongolia project, and he suggested we go for a drive. That’s when he told me you had come all the way to his house to find me, and I asked him a...question.” Ian focused harder into the remnants of his breakfast. “What question was that?” “What was it like to love someone so much and not be loved like that in return?” Alex blinked as the words settled into her skin. Ian was referring to his parents—how his dad had let his mom pursue her dreams at the expense of his happiness and how she had slipped away from him after Ryan’s death, ultimately abandoning Ian. Alex tried to contain the singular tear spilling over the outer corner of her eye—a tear concentrated with empathic grief. “What did he say?” Ian pushed his plate to the side and turned to face her, his long legs barely able to fit in the narrow space between the barstools. “He said that it was terrible...and wonderful.” Ian reached down to wind his fingers through Alex’s. “He said he had no regrets.” Ian closed his eyes, plucking the conversation out of his memory. “Because epic love is rare and requires a man to let go of his fear. But once he does, he is free to love recklessly.” His lids parted to reveal a depth in his irises that Alex had only seen once before, and their flames scorched her very soul. “I am terrified of losing you again, but I am more terrified of a life without you.” His lips were moving again, but the words were scattered by Alex’s quick exhale right before she pressed her mouth to his. In her kiss, she infused all the warm, tender sweetness that bloomed in her heart. Their meeting of lips was a sacred vow made amidst the leftover scent of maple syrup and the gentle whine of a concerned canine. Alex pulled away, opening the drawbridge to a fortress filled with emotion that rushed to the surface, leaving a warmth to her skin and a brightness in her eyes. She placed her palms on either side of Ian’s face. “You will never have to imagine a life without me.” Although he remained speechless, his expression, one of adoration and spectacular love, provided Alex the answer to her heart’s final question—an answer written in the glowing embers of his flame blue eyes.    

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About H.K. Jacobs:

HK Jacobs is native to a small town in Texas that gave her both wings and roots. She holds a Doctor of Medicine from Baylor College of Medicine and a Master of Public Health from the University of Texas. She is a board certified pediatric critical care physician whose passion is traveling the globe caring for seriously ill children in low-middle income countries. She currently resides in Texas where she continues to balance the many roles in her life—mother, physician, humanitarian, dreamer, and author.   

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