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Release Blitz - Rock Steady by MJ Roberts @MJRobertswriter @InkSlingerPR


ROCK STEADY by MJ Roberts is the first in the Kenner Brothers series, a companion to the Chord Brothers Series, and is out today!

Title: Rock Steady

Author: MJ Roberts

Genre: Rock Star Romance

About Rock Steady:

Go on tour with the sexy Kenner Brothers in Rock Steady, the first in the spin-off series from the award-winning Chord Brothers books.   Venom Kenner is the lead singer of Dirt Cherry, a band well known for their dirty lyrics and larger-than-life antics. With heart-stopping good looks, loving parents, and becoming famous at a young age, Venom is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it--and he wants Jenna.   Jenna Demptation’s life has been one hardship after another. When her older sister becomes the PR manager for Dirt Cherry and strong-arms Jenna to help for the summer, Jenna is happy to get away from her crappy day-to-day life. Until too-good-looking-to-be-real Venom sets his sights on Jenna and sets her nerves into overdrive. Jenna makes an art of shying away from Mr. Hot-Pants McHottie. She has been hurt way too much in the past to trust anyone, far less someone as perfect as Venom, so she’s determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite their sizzling chemistry.   But Venom knows in his heart this relationship is worth a shot and he’s not going to let a little thing like hesitancy get in his way…   

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Then the game starts. It's three times more exciting watching from these seats than any other game I've ever seen. There's a longer than usual break during the inning change, and I hear a chant of "Besar a la chica. Beso. Beso. Beso!" What? I look up at the huge screen on the side of the stadium and it's displaying a close-up of me and Venom, larger than life, in a cartoon heart with the word 'Beso’ at the bottom. "Oh my God, we're on a kiss cam?!!" I look at Venom and he smiles. “Argh! You planned this, didn’t you?” Venom shakes his head. “They zeroed in on you because you’re famous. Gaah! It’s you’re fault they’re all watching us.” Venom slides his hand around the back of my neck and leans forward a little, and it’s all I can do not to back up. “You gonna embarrass me in front of seventeen thousand people?” “Maybe,” I whisper. “Please don’t,” he whispers back. He applies gentle pressure to the back of my neck, pulling me to him. He looks down at my lips and swallows hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing. We lean closer to each other and a spike of nerves makes me jittery. Then he kisses me. The crowd roars. Everything fades away as his warm lips slant over mine. I expect him to be bold and forceful but he’s gentle, almost timid as his lips press softly over mine. I groan into his mouth and he ups the intensity, but never tries to push. My heart leaps into my throat, and then it’s over. Venom pulls back. We’re still on the big screen. I look stunned, well-fucked instead of fantastically-kissed. Venom smiles at the camera and waves sheepishly. Then the camera focuses on the field. “You planned that! You freakin’ planned that.” Venom shakes his head. “It would have been a great idea, but no. I didn’t even know they had that here.” “They have that everywhere!” I whisper shout. He shrugs again. Annoying. The nice lady next to me puts her hand on my shoulder and gushes about how cute we are. When she’s finishes cooing she mumbles, “Such pretty man, you two will make such pretty babies.” I feel sick. Concentrate on the game. Go Toros. Hot Mexican guys in tight pants. Do not look at Venom. Venom puts his arm over the back of my seat and I squint at him, blasting him with my ‘not interested’ look. He smiles bigger. Could this guy be any more annoying? I ignore him. This is easy to do because the game is exciting. Much faster than American games. The lady next to us buys her whole family sodas and insists on buying us some too because we are 'so adorable'. I suck on an ice cube and try to calm down. The warmth from Venom's arm is burning a hole in my upper back. He smells like churros, soap, a light cologne or deodorant that smells like a combination of Hugo Boss and cut grass. Under all that he's some chemical bomb of musky male hotness. It's unfair. I'm immune. This isn't a date. Dates lead to other things. Sexy things. Rock stars throwing you out like a disposable diaper, things. That would never work.       

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About the Author:

M.J. Roberts is a writer, editor, and teacher – with more than two million copies of her stories in circulation worldwide, Roberts is well loved for creating characters who feel as real as your most cherished friends. Roberts works to diligently to create believable, lovable characters, witty dialogue, prose ripe with metaphor, exciting plot twists, action that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and romance scenes that sizzle. Roberts is a multiple award-winning author including first place in the prestigious Summer Lovin’ Romance Literary Contest 2015 for the novel Risk Your Heart. Roberts also writes under the pen name Natasha Action. Roberts is originally from New York but lives in the southern United States for the purpose of endless comic material. She’s married to a professional musician (A.K.A. The Rock and Roll God) because she is too busy tormenting imaginary characters and counting her blessing to pursue her longtime dream of Rock n’ Roll stardom herself.

Connect with the Author:

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