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#release #blitz - The Creatures Who Love Me: Installment Four by P. Mattern & L. Gauthier @chbbpublishing


A brand new title from P. Mattern & L. Gauthier just went live!

Purchase: The Creatures Who Love Me: Installment Four

In THE CREATURES WHO LOVE ME, INSTALLMENT 4, mysteries and true natures are revealed as well as dark secrets.

Some bring pain, others exhilaration and indescribable pleasure.

Stella continues to struggle with the fallout from her breakup with her former fiancé Tim. She is determined to keep the family fishing business afloat, but his desire to be with her is beyond an obsession. He simply refuses to give up, and Stella, as an Empath, can discern that he is harboring secrets of his own.

A nefarious plan to steal away Stella’s hereditary abilities that she had received as her birthright from her Occult and Celtic biological parents but not yet had time to explore fully will result in a murder attempt.

Join Stella, Angel and Devon as they confront and experience the pure joy that true love has to offer and the sacrifice required to keep it safe in a wicked world!

“Since we are twins, we are not so much two separate men as ONE amplified one! I could no sooner be jealous of or deny Angel’s love for you as I could my OWN!”

~ Devon Blandus,Vampire


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