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#bookreview #fivestarread - Belfort & Miss Letty Author: Claudy Conn @Claudyconn


Book: Belfort & Miss Letty

Author: Claudy Conn

My Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts


Letty is a spitfire... She finds herself running away and straight to... 

Belfort's, Charles, and Fitz's bachelor pad one night. When the men find out why they go out of their way to protect her with all their might. 

And although Letty must pretend to be a boy, Belfort knows she is anything but. 

Although Belfort is older by much Letty has always admired him and maybe just a bit more? Can they succeed in keeping her safe from her nefarious family? What about keeping her safe from Belfort?

Another fantastic historical romance from this author. 

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