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#newrelease #bookreview #fivestarread - Descendent of a Tyrant: (Savage Reapers Book 2) by Author: Lexi Archer


Book: Descendent of a Tyrant: (Savage Reapers Book 2)
Author: Lexi Archer
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

This is book 2 in this bully of a story.
Every last one of these young adults has something horrible going on and yet Erika tries to fix them all and leaves her own worries where?
Cori loses someone near and dear.
Shane and the other guys are going through so much too.
Erika gets a shocker at the end!
Oh gosh, what is coming next?
Fantastic story. Yes, it's dark, twisted, and well it's high school and bullies who make your life a living hell. The story is very well written in my honest opinion. It could be any high school anywhere.

Descendent of a Tyrant (Savage Reapers Book 2) 
by Lexi Archer  

I’m done being homeless.
I’m done being alone.
Despite everything, my past is starting to catch up to me.
I thought I was safe, and then the bullies started to dig their claws in. I sharpened my own.
But this enemy? He deserves so much more than my hatred.
I’m the daughter of a killer, a descendant of a tyrant.
And that tyrant has found me.
He almost broke me once. The bullies tried to finish the job.
But not all of the bullies are terrible. In fact, some might be able to help me.
Not that I’m a damsel in distress. I’ll find a way to survive.
Most of all, I’m done running.

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