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Release Blitz - Prodigy: (Vampire Princess Series 4) by P. Mattern & L. Gauthier


A brand new title from P. Mattern, & L. Gauthier just went live! 

Purchase: Prodigy: (Vampire Princess Series 4)

“A legacy of evil returns “

“Evil is eternal. It never dissipates but festers in the souls of men and reincarnates.”

The once feckless teenager Tristina, who has risen to become the Vampire Empress of the Svalbard Empire, steps into an idyllic time in her life.

Viktor, the obsessive Necromancer Warlock, and Vampwitch is dead. Pregnant again, with her beloved former Whipping Boy Oliver’s child, she also welcomes her best friend Theda’s once disfigured son Prodigy into the Royal family.
His transformation from a goat boy into a handsome young warrior (after the curse on him was broken by Viktor’s death) has been nothing short of miraculous, and because Tristina, his Godmother, kept him protected and alive after his birth, they are as close as if she had given birth to him.

But from far off in Mother Russia, a new threat emerges, one just as powerful as the last. His name is Maxim Vincere Atara, and from birth, he has had but one ambition…

…REVENGE on the Vampire Empress!

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